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December 03, 2023

Microsoft Teams Premium: Breakthrough in Collaboration Analytics

Microsoft Teams Premium introduces a groundbreaking feature for visualizing external collaboration activities within organizations: the Advanced Collaboration Analysis. Unveiled at the Microsoft Ignite session on Nov. 15, 2023, this feature is a key tool for administrators to navigate and understand external collaboration dynamics.

What are Advanced Collaboration Tools in MS Teams Premium?

Advanced Collaboration Tools (ACT) consists of two core functions:

  1. Advanced Collaboration Analytics Dashboard: Provides visibility into teams, domains, channels and more, allowing administrators to proactively monitor external collaboration behaviors.
  2. Priority Accounts Chat Controls: Allows administrators to set policies to manage unwanted internal communications.

Advanced Collaboration Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard in Microsoft Teams Premium is a strategic tool for monitoring remote collaboration activities. It provides comprehensive reports with insights into teams, trusted domains, channels, guests and internal users.

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What Does the Advanced Collaboration Analysis Dashboard Offer?

The dashboard offers several insights:

  1. Inactive Teams.
  2. Inactive external domain activities.
  3. Classification of Teams by User Type.
  4. Overview of Microsoft Teams channels by user type.
  5. Teams with the most external user and guest activity.
  6. Users with the most external collaboration.
  7. Guests with the most external cooperation.

Benefits of Advanced Collaboration Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard offers several advantages for administrators:

  1. Unmatched Visibility: Insight into organizational collaboration habits.
  2. Proactive Data Leak Prevention: Identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
  3. Efficient Sprawl Management: Identify and remove inactive teams.
  4. Strategic Collaborative Improvement: identify areas of inactivity and collaborate with key users.
  5. Collaboration Audit: Provides an audit trail of actions taken by external users within Teams.

Limitations of the Advanced Collaboration Analysis Dashboard

It is also important to recognize limitations:

  1. Lack of CSV download functionality.
  2. Small chance of categorization errors in large events.
  3. Adjustments to map locations on the dashboard are not saved between sessions.


The introduction of Advanced Collaboration Analytics in Microsoft Teams Premium marks a significant step forward in managing remote collaboration. This tool provides administrators with deep insights and control, allowing them to more effectively manage and secure their Teams environments. With both powerful features and some limitations, the dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of collaboration dynamics within organizations.

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