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May 30, 2021

Microsoft Teams on iOS and Android will finally support chat translation soon

In May 2020, Microsoft announced plans to add in-line translation to Microsoft Teams on iOS and Android to the Roadmap. Microsoft is now pleased to roll out this feature for mobile users. This feature is already available on the desktop.

The feature is powered by Microsoft’s translation services and allows users to translate channel messages into the language of their choice in a different language.

To translate, hold down the message and tap Translate. To restore a translated message to its original language, press and hold the message and tap View Original (language).

translation-on teams

To set the language to which you want messages translated, tap Settings > Translation and choose the language you want.

The feature will be rolled out on the Teams iOS and Android from the latest store builds and should be available from early June and fully rolled out by mid-July.

Source: mspoweruser

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