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April 28, 2021

Microsoft Teams now has ‘145 million daily active users,’ says Microsoft

Microsoft’s Jeff Teper jumped on Twitter to let everyone know that Microsoft has a whopping “145 million daily active users,” following the announcement with a heartfelt thanks to customers, partners and his team.

Teper’s statement reflects figures as of the end of the third quarter of fiscal year 2021, as opposed to figures as of April 27.

Such big numbers are probably the result of Microsoft’s dedication to improving Teams with constant updates and support, attracting more and more users.

Teams is also not the only sector in which Microsoft is experiencing enormous growth. As seen in the company’s fiscal year 2021 Q3 revenue report, Microsoft is expanding its user base and revenue streams across the board. Gaming revenues are up 50%, Surface revenues are up 12% and most of the company’s other sectors are seeing similar gains.

If you’re not already using Teams, chances are Microsoft will unveil a new feature designed to entice you or your organization in the near future. Because with 145 million active users and more, the tech giant isn’t going to wane from its snowball effect anytime soon. Whether it’s consumer products like the Surface Laptop 4, services like Xbox Game Pass, or platforms like Teams, Microsoft plans to get everyone into one or more of its ecosystems.

Source: windows central

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