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May 25, 2021

Microsoft Teams now gets support for live slide translation

Microsoft Teams Update recently enabled support for a new meeting sharing experience and PowerPoint Live integration. With a new update, Microsoft Teams now gets support for live translation of slides, a new feature that you can use to translate the slides during a live meeting.

Microsoft Teams’ new slide translation feature is part of PowerPoint Live, a feature for Windows 10 and macOS that allows presenters to start presentations without having to share the screen with the public.

Users can present their slides directly from PowerPoint or share their synced presentations from the “Share Content” menu during a conversation.

PowerPoint Live in Teams also currently allows users to view their slides, notes, charts, and perform the presentation in a single view. This ensures that the presenter and the audience are focused on the presentation and that presenters do not miss urgent prompts. In the June update, the Teams presentation window adds support for live translation.

With this new slide translation feature, everyone (attendees, presenters) can translate presentation content privately. Participants can right-click the presentation to access the translation feature, as shown in the screenshot below.

Each participant in the meeting has the opportunity to view the presentation in their preferred language, such as Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian and Japanese. Currently, 19+ languages are supported by teams translation.

“This unique experience only occurs for the user requesting a slide translation, without interrupting the meeting presenter or other attendees,” Microsoft said when asked about the new presentation experience.

During the meetings, the audience can now also click on the hyperlinks and videos embedded in the presentation, without leaving the conversation or disturbing the presenter. This works at every point of the presentation, even when you view a recorded session.

Microsoft currently plans to begin rolling out the slide translation feature by mid-June, and the rollout is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Live event integration in Teams to get better

In addition, Microsoft is also working on a new feature that allows users to easily manage their live events.

After the update, event producers will have access to live event settings and features in a new external window. This feature is currently being rolled out and will be enabled for users in the coming weeks.

Source: windowslatest

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