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October 14, 2023

Microsoft Teams Innovations: Increased Control & Security

Clearly, Microsoft Teams continues to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of modern workplaces. With recent announcements about upcoming features, users will soon be able to enjoy enhanced meeting experiences, tighter security and seamless updates. Let’s take a look at the new feature updates that will be rolled out in the coming months.

Error Messages During Meetings

Soon, Microsoft Teams Meeting users will receive instant error messages clarifying why they are experiencing problems accessing meeting chats. These reports explain whether they are policy limitations or system errors. The feature, exclusive to the new Teams experience, will launch in November 2023. Platform:Desktop Feature ID:167211

Meeting template with Controlled Content (Premium)

A new template will be launched in October 2023 for meetings with external participants. This template provides more control over meeting options such as lobby access, presenter rights, chat features and recording rights. The goal is to make meetings safer and more manageable. Platform: Mac, Desktop Feature ID: 91286

Automatic Updates for Android-based Teams Devices

Teams devices running Android will start receiving automatic updates to the Teams app. Administrators can control updates by organizing devices into update phases or temporarily pausing deployment through the Teams Admin Center. These updates will begin in October 2023. Platform:Web Feature ID:163598

Meeting security for Teams Rooms on Android

Enhanced security measures are being added to Teams Rooms on Android devices. This includes end-to-end encryption and support for sensitivity labels during meetings, available when enabled by the meeting organizer. This update is expected in December 2023. Platform: Teams and Surface Devices, Android Feature ID: 161423

All of the above features will be generally available to all users.

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