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November 27, 2020

Microsoft Teams and Zoom have a new competitor.

As meeting platforms become central to today’s business, it has never been a better time to get involved in the collaboration industry. Wherever you go, businesses rely on web meeting solutions to keep teams connected and complete important projects. As leaders like Cisco, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams compete for a spot at the top of the pile, new vendors are also starting to emerge.

Vowel, a company that describes itself as the first real meeting platform for external teams, appeared at the end of October 2020. Vowel makes meetings more productive, action-oriented and engaging for today’s teams. This solution allows you to host, schedule, record, search, and share meetings from the same platform.

According to co-founder and CEO, Andrew Berman, Vowel looks forward to a more permanent future, where everywhere and flexible work prevails. In this landscape, businesses need more than just basic phone functionality – they also need advanced platforms to meet. Klinker not only supports the meeting at the moment, it also makes the content more shareable.

Transforming the modern encounter

According to co-founder and Head of Product, Matt Slotkin, meetings are essential for companies of all sizes, but they are often terribly unproductive. Klinker aims to make our discussions more effective in a critical and transformative time. Vowel provides a central hub for meeting information, with features such as:

  • Live recording and transcription of meetings
  • Shared calendars with the ability to assign specific tasks
  • The ability to highlight important points during a meeting and arrange follow-up actions
  • The ability to create action items during a meeting
  • More searchable and shareable meeting transcripts
  • Access all your favorite tools, like Slack and Google Calendar
  • Secure encryption to protect your data
  • Google authentication to prevent unwanted visitors
  • Always great sound, no annoying echo

Co-CEO at Resident Home, Ran Reske, said that as his company became more dispersed, Vowel helped his team get more out of their meetings. Reske noted that product meetings are aimed at ensuring that the topics covered in the discussion are feasible.

A new way to manage meetings

Vowel’s rise to the collaborative market is a $4.3 million seed capital from co-founder of Twitch, Kevin Lin, Company Ventures, BoxGroup and Amity Ventures.

Peter Bell, General Partner of Amity Ventures, said unproductive meetings are a common problem for many companies, and leaders continue to seek solutions that claim to make these discussions more efficient. Unfortunately, many of these offers do not succeed. Vowel, however, offers a real solution to an age-old problem. Amity Ventures believes that Vowel is coming to the market at the right time, as we look forward to a future with a divided workforce.

Source: uctoday

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