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November 21, 2023

Microsoft Teams: AI to Clean Up Your Messy Room

At Microsoft Ignite 2023, Microsoft announced several new AI updates in Microsoft Teams, including AI voice isolation and an AI feature that clears your room in virtual meetings. These additions, along with the new web version of Teams, bring significant performance improvements.

More AI in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is integrating more AI into Teams, including two new features. Starting in early 2024, Teams will be able to use AI to isolate a speaker’s voice, suppressing other voices in the background. For Teams Premium subscribers, there will also be a feature to enhance the background of a meeting with AI, by virtually clearing clutter or adding decorations.

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Source: Microsoft

What is the New Microsoft Teams for Web?

The new version of Teams for Windows and Mac is now available on the Web. Edge and Chrome users can enjoy a faster and easier Teams experience.


  • Custom reaction emojis in Teams chat.
  • Message forwarding function.
  • Group chat profile photos.
  • Loop components in channels for co-creation and collaboration.
  • Announcement backgrounds in channels.


  • Private line: A private second phone number.
  • Protected voicemail: Protected voicemail notifications.
  • New Teams Phone offers in India.


  • The new Teams web experience: Faster and with up to 50% less memory usage.
  • New Teams shortcuts.
  • Code block improvements.
  • Simplified notifications.
  • Management of teams and channels.
  • Discovery of private teams.
  • Improvements in shared channels.

Teams AI Library

The Teams AI library, now available for JavaScript and .NET, simplifies building conversational apps with AI and large language models.

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