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January 18, 2021

Microsoft Teams adds meeting summarys to keep you informed.

In a world where we are always “quick to talk”, you will undoubtedly miss a few virtual chats. We can’t be everywhere at once, and that’s where a new feature for Microsoft Teams comes in.

With meeting summaries, you can get carried away in a meeting you missed or go back to what’s been discussed. As Windows Latest reports, Microsoft announced the feature last year and is now rolling it out to some users, with the full rollout expected by the end of February.

Summaries include the history of instant messages, notes, recordings, and transcripts, if available. “A summary of the meeting helps teams stay on track and get on with their work after the meeting ends,” microsoft says.

Microsoft Teams has stepped up its game over the past year to convince Zoom and Google Meet users. For example, Together mode places video conferencing participants in the same virtual space, while dynamic mode marks the speaker window and prioritizes participants sharing video. Video filters allow users to adjust the lighting and live emoji comments and messages appear as chat balloons about your video. And don’t forget those custom backgrounds.

Also in February: custom layouts, “Presenters can customize how content is displayed for meeting participants [en] to easily attract their audience’s attention through hand gestures and face signals, without the viewer having to choose between the speaker and the content,” microsoft says.

Source: pcmag

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