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July 13, 2020

Microsoft plan retraining 25 million people

How Microsoft plans to train 25 million people by the end of the year

  • Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) recently announced a global skills initiative to provide digital skills to 25 million people worldwide by the end of the year.

Microsoft Corporation Announcement (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) recently announced a new global skills initiative that aims to provide digital skills to 25 million people worldwide by the end of the year. This announcement is a response to the global economic crisis associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. And expanded access to digital skills is an important step in accelerating the economic recovery, especially for the people most affected by job losses.

The initiative includes immediate steps to help those who want to find a new job and seek a much-needed job. In addition, it brings together every part of Microsoft and also combines existing and new sources of LinkedIn and GitHub.

This includes the use of data to identify in-demand jobs and the skills needed to fulfill them and free access to learning pathways and content to help people develop the skills these features require. In addition, it also includes low-cost certifications and free job search tools to help people who develop these skills to look for new jobs.

This comprehensive technology initiative will build on data and digital technology. And it starts with jobs and skills data from the LinkedIn Economic Graph. The initiative also provides free access to content in LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and the GitHub Learning Lab. These resources also link those with Microsoft certifications and LinkedIn search tools. And the sources are all accessible in a central location:, available online in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

Microsoft support for cash grants

Microsoft is also supporting these efforts with $20 million in cash grants to help nonprofits worldwide help the people who need it most. And a quarter of this total ($5 million) will be provided in cash grants to community-based nonprofits that are run by and serve communities of color in the United States. And Microsoft also promises to make stronger data and analytics (including data from the LinkedIn Economic Graph) available to governments around the world so they can better assess local economic needs.

It also creates a new learning app in Microsoft Teams, designed to teach employers skill and educate new and current employees when people return to work and the economy adds jobs.

Key quotes

“COVID-19 has caused both a public health and an economic crisis, and as the world recovers, we must ensure that no one is left behind. Today, we’re bringing together Microsoft sources including LinkedIn and GitHub to rethink how people are learning and applying new skills – and helping 25 million people with unemployment due to COVID-19 prepare for the jobs of the future. “

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

‘The biggest blows of the current downturn are borne by those who can least afford it. Unemployment rates are rising dramatically for people of colour and women, but also for younger workers, people with disabilities and those with lower education. Our goal is to combine the best in technology with stronger partnerships with governments and nonprofits to help people develop the skills needed to find a new job. “

  • Microsoft President Brad Smith

“Creating opportunities for every member of the global workforce determines everything we do on LinkedIn. As part of the Microsoft ecosystem, we have the unique ability to help job seekers around the world – especially those who were disproportionately disadvantaged during the COVID-19 crisis – to acquire the skills and find the jobs they deserve. We are proud to have the right data on what the jobs and skills of the future will be to create the right learning pathways to help 25 million job seekers find their next opportunities. We’ll make it all available on “

Source: Nasdaq

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