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December 15, 2023

Microsoft Intune Introduces Security Copilot

Microsoft Intune recently introduced Security Copilot, a significant advance in AI-assisted cybersecurity within the Microsoft platform.

Key Features of Security Copilot in Intune

Advanced Visibility and Policy Creation

  • Provides unprecedented visibility and real-time guidance for policy making.
  • Facilitates data collection and provides AI-driven recommendations for threats and vulnerabilities.

Simplifying Policy Development

  • Reduces time and complexity in creating safe and effective policies.
  • Can process natural language input to find appropriate settings for policies.

Prevention of Misconfigurations

  • Helps prevent misconfigurations through what-if analyses of policy implementations.

Data-driven Problem Solving

  • Provides insights for understanding and troubleshooting device compliance and app installation issues.
  • Compares devices to highlight configuration differences and understand error codes.
Create a policy in intune with Copilot

Source: Microsoft

Availability and Future Developments.

  • The Security Copilot experience in Intune will be available in private preview for select organizations beginning in December 2023.
  • More information and deeper technical insights are available through Microsoft Ignite and the Microsoft Technical Takeoff.

ALTA-ICT: Your Partner for a Robust Intune Baseline

Although Security Copilot is still under development within Microsoft Intune, our team at ALTA-ICT is already busy preparing for this future technology. We offer extensive expertise and support in implementing and optimizing your current Microsoft Intune environment. Our goal is to get your organization ready for the seamless integration of Security Copilot as soon as it becomes available.

Contact us for a robust and future-proof Intune implementation.

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Microsoft Security Copilot in Intune