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January 16, 2024

Microsoft Copilot Pro: AI Innovation for All Businesses and Individuals

In a world where technology is evolving at lightning speed, Microsoft is taking a big step forward with the launch of Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered assistant. This initiative promises to fundamentally change the way individuals and businesses interact with technology.

Accessibility and Flexibility:

Microsoft is making it easier than ever to access the groundbreaking Copilot functionality within Microsoft 365. Here are the recent changes that will have an impact:

  • Broad Availability: Copilot is now within reach for Business Premium and Business Standard users, with an attractive offer of just $30 per person per month.
  • Expanded Options: For those using Office 365 E3 and E5, Copilot is now available as an additional option. The previously required Microsoft 365 ME3 or M35 licenses are no longer a requirement.
  • Flexible Licensing: The threshold of a minimum of 300 licenses is no more. Microsoft has removed this limitation, so now the power of Copilot can be deployed even from a single user license.
  • Copilot Pro for Everyone: The flagship ‘Copilot Pro’ has been introduced for individual Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers. For $20 a month, users get advanced capabilities in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, with the exception of Teams.

These changes make Copilot’s AI-driven capabilities more accessible to an even wider audience and encourage a new way of working and productivity for every Microsoft 365 user.


What is Copilot Pro?

Copilot Pro is an advanced AI platform from Microsoft designed to provide users with powerful AI-driven tools. It includes access to the latest GPT-4 Turbo models, which offer unprecedented language processing capabilities. In addition, it uses advanced image creation technology, allowing users to generate visual content intuitively and efficiently.

Integration into Microsoft 365

Copilot’s integration into Microsoft 365 represents a game-changer for users of popular Microsoft applications. Whether preparing documents in Word, analyzing data in Excel, or presenting in PowerPoint, Copilot provides smart assistance that helps increase productivity and boost creativity.

Accessibility for SMEs

One striking aspect of this development is the accessibility of Copilot to small and medium-sized businesses. This democratizes access to advanced AI technology, allowing even smaller enterprises to benefit from the latest innovations in artificial intelligence.

New Features and Mobile Applications

Copilot’s new features include personalized experiences through Copilot GPTs, which allow users to create custom solutions. The introduction of a mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, puts these powerful AI tools at the user’s fingertips, wherever they are.

Impact on the Workplace

Copilot’s impact on the modern workplace cannot be underestimated. By automating routine tasks, providing intelligent insights, and simplifying complex processes, Copilot enables companies to work more efficiently and effectively.

Future Vision and Possibilities.

Microsoft has plans to further develop Copilot with even more advanced features and integrations. This highlights the company’s commitment to continually improving AI technologies, with the goal of transforming the way we work and live.

Microsoft 365 Chat

‘Help me prepare my next meeting.’


Microsoft Teams


“What decisions were made at the meeting and what are the proposed next steps?”


Microsoft Outlook

‘Draft a response for this email thread with a professional tone that conveys the following points…’


Microsoft Word

“Write an article on the importance of making a work-life balance.”


Microsoft PowerPoint

‘Change text format of all titles to 24pt Arial’


Microsoft Loop

Brainstorming strategies my team can use to increase user engagement with my product



‘Summarize this page as an e-mail.’



“Suggest inexpensive ways to optimize websites for organic search without using social media?


With the introduction of Copilot Pro and its integration into Microsoft 365, Microsoft marks a crucial development in making advanced AI more accessible to a wide audience. This tool opens new doors not only for individuals seeking to increase their personal efficiency, but also for large organizations seeking improved operational efficiency. Copilot Pro symbolizes a new era where AI is evolving from a simple tool to an integral partner in both our professional and personal lives. To make the most of this transition, it is essential to work with ALTA-ICT to develop a solid governance plan. This is crucial to ensure that you are fully prepared to implement and use Copilot Microsoft 365 effectively and responsibly in your organization. Schedule an introductory meeting with us through our online calendar.

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