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December 11, 2023

Improve Reachability with Teams Operator Connect

At the heart of modern business, effective communication equals accessibility and reliability. ALTA-ICT’s Microsoft Teams Operator Connect marks a revolution in “teams telephony” by seamlessly linking telephony services within the Microsoft Teams environment, keeping businesses connected in innovative ways.

Seamless Number Retention with Teams Telephony

The ability to retain existing phone numbers is an essential factor for corporate identity and customer trust. Teams Operator Connect ensures this with a simple process for retaining and integrating (non-)geographic numbers, easing the transition to advanced “teams telephony.

Easy Configuration and Implementation

With the strategic partnership between Microsoft and ALTA-ICT, complex configuration is eliminated. Without the need for extensive PowerShell scripts, Operator Connect lets you enjoy streamlined setup in Teams Admin Center immediately, speeding up and simplifying the deployment of Teams telephony.

Flexibility in Device Selection

Teams Operator Connect recognizes the dynamic nature of today’s workplace and provides the flexibility to be available on any device. Whether employees choose a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, “teams telephony” ensures constant connectivity.

Cost Savings Without Sacrificing Quality

The economic benefits of Operator Connect are clear: It offers a cost-effective per-user solution compared to Microsoft Calling Plans. This financial benefit, combined with enhanced accessibility and service, makes it a smart investment for “teams telephony.

Fully Cloud-based Telephony Solution

A move to Operator Connect means a transition to a full cloud solution, free of heavy initial investments or the need for traditional hardware. This cloud-first approach is central to the future of “teams telephony.

ALTA-ICT: Your Partner in Teams Telephony

With Operator Connect, ALTA-ICT not only improves accessibility and cooperation within your organization, but also takes customer contact to a higher level. Key benefits at a glance:

  • Simple, fast configuration
  • Seamless number portability
  • Cost-saving structure
  • Flexibility in equipment selection
  • Complete cloud solution
  • Excellent customer service and support

Take the Step with ALTA-ICT

ALTA-ICT’s expertise combined with the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Teams Operator Connect forms the backbone of a powerful communications infrastructure. Are you ready to transform your company’s “teams telephony” and optimize your team’s reachability? Discover the possibilities with Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and schedule an appointment with us today.

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