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November 25, 2023

From Public Folders to Shared Mailboxes: Your Migration Guide

In the dynamic world of modern business communications, the shift from public folders to shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365 is a significant step forward. This blog post explores the reasons behind this transition, its benefits, and offers a detailed look at the migration process.

Understanding Public Folders

Public folders in Outlook serve as a central point for sharing information within organizations. They play a critical role in business processes by receiving and organizing customer communications, sharing important team information, and archiving messages.

Functionalities of Public Folders

  • Central location for information.
  • Supports various business processes.

The Rise of Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes in Office 365 are a close match to public folders, allowing them to retain some of the structure, items and permissions of public folders. This makes them an attractive option for managing e-mail and other communications within teams.

Benefits of Shared Mailboxes

  • External email support.
  • Integrated calendars and contact lists.
  • No separate login required.

Why Migrate from Public Folders to Shared Mailboxes?

The migration offers several benefits such as improved organization, easier management of access rights, and more efficient communication. Certain parts of public folders, such as those with mail functionalities or calendars, are ideal candidates for migration.

Migration Considerations

  • Identify the size and structure of the public folders.
  • Assess whether public folders are mail-activated.
  • Determine the number of shared mailboxes needed.

Challenges and Solutions in the Migration Process.

  • Difficulties with disorganized directory structures.
  • Limitations in storage capacity of shared mailboxes.

The Migration Process from Public Folders to Shared Mailboxes

Careful planning and preparation are essential for a smooth transition. This includes identifying SMTP addresses in mail-activated public folders, assigning appropriate permissions, and gradually removing access to the migrated public folders.


The migration from public folders to shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365 is more than a technology upgrade; it is a strategic move toward improved collaboration and communication efficiency. At ALTA-ICT, we understand the complexity and critical nature of this transition. With our extensive experience performing such migrations, we provide the expertise and support needed to make this transition seamless and with minimal disruption for your organization. Rely on ALTA-ICT for a smooth and successful migration to a more advanced and secure communications environment.

Contact ALTA-ICT for detailed advice and support on your migration process.

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