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December 27, 2023

Double Key Encryption (DKE): Your Data Secure with Microsoft Purview

There is invaluable information stored in the digital vaults of organizations. But how do we ensure that this data is impervious to unauthorized access? Microsoft Purview offers an answer with Double Key Encryption (DKE). This advanced encryption technology is the watchtower that protects your organization’s crown jewels.

What is Double Key Encryption?

DKE works on a principle similar to having two keys for a safe. One key is in your possession, while the other is managed by Microsoft. To access the encrypted information, both keys must be used at the same time. This provides an additional layer of security that keeps even the most sensitive data safe.

How does it work?

Imagine two keychains, one in your pocket and the other safely at Microsoft. When you need access to your data, the two keys are brought together. Without the combination of both, your information remains an unreadable code.


Why is DKE important?

  • Control: With DKE, you retain complete control over your encryption keys and thus your data.
  • Security: Even if one key were to be compromised, your data would remain secure thanks to the second key.
  • Compliance: Strict data privacy regulations apply to certain industries and regions. DKE assists in complying with these regulations.

Applications of DKE

This technology is essential for organizations working with highly confidential data, such as intellectual property, financial reports, or personal customer data. DKE ensures that even in the event of a complete network breach, data remains secure.

Microsoft Purview and DKE: A Powerful Combination

Microsoft Purview seamlessly integrates DKE, keeping your data management simple and transparent, without sacrificing security. It allows you to carefully guard the keys to your digital kingdom.


Data protection is not a luxury but a necessity. With Double Key Encryption, Microsoft Purview provides a fortress for your sensitive information. It is a security philosophy that brings peace of mind to the heart of your organization, knowing that your data is double locked, safe from the outside world.

Microsoft Purview with ALTA-ICT

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Microsoft Purview's Double Key Encryption