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March 07, 2024

Discover the NIS2 guideline: Strengthen Your Digital Resilience

In an era of digital transformation, strengthening our cyber resilience is more essential than ever. The Network and Information Security Directive, better known as the NIS2 directive, plays a crucial role in this mission. This directive aims to significantly increase the digital and economic resilience of European member states, with a special focus on protecting against digital (cyber) risks that threaten our network and information systems.

NIS2 Guideline: A Starting Point for Increased Digital Resilience 🚀

  • Goal of NIS2: Strengthen digital and economic resilience in the EU.
  • Focus: Addressing cyber risks to critical systems, such as the Internet and payments.

Who Will Be Touched by NIS2? Additional Resilience Requirements for Certain Sectors 🛠️

The NIS2 directive identifies specific sectors and organizations considered essential or important to our national security and economy. The following explains how this classification works:

  • Essential Entities:
    • Sectors: Large organizations in sectors from Appendix 1 below.
    • Criteria: At least 250 employees, or annual sales of €50 million and a balance sheet total of €43 million or more.
  • Major Entities:
    • Sectors: Medium-sized organizations in sectors from Appendix 1 and medium/large organizations in sectors from Appendix 2 below.
    • Criteria: 50 or more employees, or annual sales and balance sheet total of €10 million or more.

NIS2 organizations

SME and NIS2: 🏪

Wondering if your SME falls under this? Although micro and small businesses are usually excluded, they can still be designated if their services are crucial. This includes specific small providers in the digital sector.

Key Commitments under NIS2:

  • Duty of Care: Entities must conduct their own risk assessment and take appropriate action.
  • Registration requirement: Mandatory registration for a European overview of all entities under the NIS2.
  • Duty to report: Incidents that disrupt services must be reported within 24 hours.
  • Supervision: Entities come under the supervision for compliance.

In short, the NIS2 directive brings new requirements and obligations for organizations within the EU to ensure digital security. It is crucial to know where your organization stands and how to comply with these new guidelines.

Importance of Compliance: Your Route to Strengthened Resilience 🛡️

To assess your organization’s compliance with the NIS2 guideline and strengthen your cyber resilience, run the NIS2 QuickScan. This step is crucial, not only to meet legal obligations but also to lay a solid foundation for protecting your organization from cyber threats. By complying with the NIS2 directive, you not only protect your own organization, but also contribute to the collective security and stability of our digital economy.

Closing: Step into the Future of Cyber Resilience with NIS2 🚀

Amid growing cyber threats, the NIS2 directive provides an essential foundation for organizations to improve their digital security. The time has come to be proactive and arm yourself for a more secure digital environment. Are you ready to strengthen your digital resilience? ALTA-ICT is ready to support you.

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