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November 03, 2023

Discover OneNote 2023’s Renewed Features and Enhancements

Microsoft recently released new information about the OneNote app for Windows. As a dynamic digital notebook, part of the Microsoft 365 suite, OneNote is constantly gaining new features and enhancements to increase usability and versatility for users. This guide provides more information about the latest updates and new features that have been made to the OneNote app on Windows and will soon be available.

Enhanced Text Pen and Ink Gestures

A major improvement in the OneNote app is the improved text pen and ink gestures. This feature allows users to turn handwritten notes into text and edit notes with natural gestures, significantly improving the note-taking experience for users using a digital pen or stylus. This feature also includes tools for better annotations, handwritten notes and drawing, including a new Drawing tab and improved ink reliability. The enhanced text pen and ink gestures offer a more intuitive and seamless note-taking experience, bringing the digital experience closer to the traditional pen-and-paper.


Inline Text Predictions

In addition to improved ink gestures, the OneNote app on Windows now has inline text predictions. Similar to those in Outlook and Word, these text predictions can significantly speed up note-taking by automatically completing words and anticipating the next word or phrase based on context. This feature not only saves time but also reduces typos, making note-taking faster and more efficient.

New Layout Options

The OneNote app on Windows has also introduced new layout options. Users can now choose a left-side layout similar to that of OneNote for Web, Mac and iPad. This new layout option provides a more consistent user interface across platforms, making it easier for users to navigate and organize their notes.

AI Copilot from Microsoft 365

The introduction of Microsoft 365 Copilot, an AI-powered note-taking assistant, is another major update to the OneNote app on Windows. Available from November, OneNote Copilot uses artificial intelligence to assist users in creating, capturing, organizing and remembering information. This feature increases the usability of the OneNote app, making it a more powerful information management tool.

Integration of Stream Videos

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to view Stream videos directly within OneNote. This feature allows users to view Stream videos (on SharePoint) without switching applications, enhancing the multimedia experience within the OneNote app.

These updates are part of Microsoft’s transition plan to encourage users to switch from OneNote for Windows 10 to the OneNote app. The OneNote for Windows 10 app will no longer be supported as of 2025, and the new features and improved syncing experience are only available in the OneNote app. The latest OneNote Windows app is available as part of Microsoft 365 and can also be downloaded as a free standalone version from the Microsoft Store.

OneNote on Windows continues to evolve with new features and improvements that enhance the note-taking experience. From improved text pen and ink gestures to AI-powered assistance with the OneNote Copilot, these updates are designed to make the OneNote app a more powerful, efficient and versatile tool for managing information.

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