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December 26, 2023

Confidentiality labels in Microsoft Purview

With the rise of data protection and privacy laws, it is essential that organizations have control over the sensitivity of the information they share. Microsoft provides a solution to categorize and protect information using confidentiality labels. These labels can be applied to documents and e-mails to ensure consistent management of sensitive information within an organization.

What are confidentiality labels?

Confidentiality labels are part of Microsoft Purview and allow organizations to assign classifications to their data. These classifications can range from “Public” or “General,” meaning the information can be widely shared, to “Confidential” and “Secret,” for information strictly limited to trusted individuals or specific groups within the organization.

Mandatory labeling on e-mail transmission

As shown in the image below, an organization can set a policy that users must select a confidentiality label before sending an e-mail. This makes employees consciously think about the sensitivity of the information they share.

Benefits of confidentiality labels

  1. Protection of sensitive information: Requiring labels reduces the risk of inadvertent leaks of sensitive information.
  2. Awareness: It forces senders to think about the content of their communications.
  3. Automation: Rules can be set to automatically apply certain security measures based on the selected label.
  4. Compliance: Helps comply with legal and regulatory requirements by ensuring sensitive information is handled properly.


Explanation of options

  • Personal: For communications not intended for wide distribution, such as an e-mail between colleagues about non-work-related matters.
  • Public: For information that may be shared with anyone, without restrictions.
  • General: For internal information that is not particularly sensitive, but also not intended for external parties.
  • Confidential: For sensitive business information that must be restricted to specific groups within the organization.
  • Secret: For the most sensitive information to be shared only with those with explicit access.

Choosing the right label helps protect the organization from data leaks and ensures compliance with policies and legislation. It’s a simple step that can make a big difference in the safe handling of information.

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