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May 25, 2023

ChatGPT: OpenAI Launches Web Browsing and Plug-ins

During the early stages, generative AI tools such as ChatGPT took over much of our routine work. ChatGPT, despite impressive conversational capabilities, draws on predetermined and outdated information rather than collecting real-time data from the Internet. But this situation is now changing, as OpenAI announced that ChatGPT is going to access the Internet. In addition, ChatGPT plug-ins are now becoming more widely available.

ChatGPT gets Internet access

OpenAI recently updated its release notes for ChatGPT, letting us know that the chatbot can now access the Internet. This means that the chatbot is now able to pull up-to-date information from the Web, which will improve the precision and relevance of the responses generated.

Availability of Plug-ins increases

Plug-ins, or tools that provide access to third-party services through ChatGPT, are now available to all ChatGPT Plus users. These are users who pay for additional features in the chatbot. First available to insiders earlier in March 2023, these plug-ins support services such as OpenTable, Zapier, Expedia, Instacart, KAYAK, Shopify and more.

OpenAI reports that ChatGPT Plus users now have access to more than 70 plug-ins. This is also confirmed by Twitter user @DataChaz, who shared a list of available applications.

Experimental new features

If you are a ChatGPTPlus user, enjoy early access to experimental new features, which may change during development. Microsoft has made these features accessible through a new beta panel in your settings.

Once the beta panel is available to you, you can try out two new features:

Web browsing: Try a new version of ChatGPT that knows when and how to browse the Internet to answer questions about recent topics and events.

Plugins: Try a new version of ChatGPT that knows when and how to use third-party plugins you enable.

Sign up for Experimental new features

Until now, users can only access ChatGPT Plugins by signing up and waiting for access.

To use third-party plugins, follow these instructions:

1. Go to
2. Select “Plugins” from the model switch
3. In the “Plugins” dropdown menu, click on “Plugin Store” to install and enable new plugins

To enable beta features:

1. Click on “Profile & Settings.
2. Select “Beta Features.
3. Enable the features you want to try out


These developments in ChatGPT demonstrate the ongoing evolution of AI and the increasing capabilities of this technology. With web browsing and expanded plug-in accessibility, ChatGPT offers more dynamic and personalized interactions, further enhancing the user experience.”

Source: neowin

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