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December 14, 2023

AI Hub in Microsoft Purview: Advanced Risk Management

In today’s dynamic world, where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly integrated into business processes, data security is becoming increasingly important. Microsoft Purview plays a key role in this by providing comprehensive data governance, protection, and management. This tool enables organizations to manage, protect and control their data landscape, which is crucial in an era when data is at the core of all business activities.

Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Purview’s integration with Microsoft Defender strengthens the security of both data and security workloads. Together, they provide a powerful defense against the complexities and risks associated with AI adoption.

Extended Visibility and Protection

Organizations can use Purview and Defender to increase their visibility on how AI is being used within their operations. This includes blocking high-risk AI applications and implementing customized policies to prevent data breaches and meet compliance requirements. This ensures safer AI use and helps organizations effectively address the challenges of AI adoption.

AI Hub in Microsoft Purview

The AI hub within Microsoft Purview is an innovative tool that provides essential insights into users’ interactions with AI applications. This hub automates the discovery of data security risks, allowing organizations to better identify how their sensitive data is being used within AI environments. The AI Hub provides a detailed view of the total prompts sent to AI applications, including the sensitive information contained in these prompts. In addition, it provides insight into the number of users interacting with these applications and their associated risk levels. This functionality allows administrators to conduct in-depth research into specific activities, policy names and the sensitive information in AI prompts, providing a powerful tool for organizations to ensure their data integrity in an AI-rich environment.

AI hub

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

This platform has been expanded to include more than 400 generative AI apps, giving organizations insight into the use of these apps and the associated risks.

Compliance and Compliance

Compliance and compliance are essential in today’s data-driven world. Microsoft Purview provides comprehensive support to help organizations meet business and regulatory requirements. This is made possible by features such as audit, eDiscovery and data lifecycle management.

Audit and eDiscovery

Purview’s audit and eDiscovery features allow organizations to capture, investigate and preserve user interactions with AI tools. This is crucial for legal purposes, such as in cases of investigations, audits, or court proceedings.

Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle Management within Purview helps organizations manage their retention and deletion policies for data generated or used in AI tools. This is critical in an era when the amount of data is growing exponentially and data compliance is becoming increasingly complex. This tool enables organizations to effectively manage their data and meet both internal and external compliance requirements.

Implementation support by ALTA-ICT

Implementing Microsoft Purview can be complex. Alta-ICT can support your organization in integrating Purview into your IT infrastructure so you can take advantage of the comprehensive security and compliance capabilities it offers.


Microsoft Purview provides a comprehensive solution to protect data in an AI-first world, enabling organizations to adopt AI technologies securely and confidently. With Alta-ICT’s expertise, you can effectively deploy Purview and optimally secure your data. Schedule an appointment with us here.

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