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Microsoft Office 365 combines the trusted Microsoft Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of the latest generation of communication and collaboration services from Microsoft.

With the Office 365 applications, your customers can create, edit and share files from any device, with anyone and in real time. With an active Microsoft 365 subscription you always get the latest versions of these applications. You can use them on up to five computers (PC or Mac). You always work with the latest version, so you can take advantage of the latest applications without having to update. If, on the other hand, you buy a single license for Office, it only applies to one computer. For all Microsoft 365 products, you take out a subscription and pay a monthly amount. Click here for our Microsoft Office 365 services.

The focus of cloud computing is automation. Or replacing human labor. With this automation, you can get computers to work together to deliver resources such as computing power and data.

Cloud computing therefore has nothing to do with the internet, despite the fact that cloud computing is often offered and made accessible via the internet. So you can perfectly realize cloud computing within your own walls, although you may miss certain advantages with this.

The delivery forms (with NIST Service models) such as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service have nothing to do with cloud computing. Cloud computing is fine without these service models and you will just encounter them without cloud computing. I’m not saying that Iaas, Paas and Saas delivery models are bad, on the contrary, I find them very valuable, but they are separate from cloud computing.

Cloud and cloud computing can also do well without each other. Cloud is nothing but a synonym for the internet.

Do you want to use cloud services? Maybe you already do that? Do you know where your data is? Does it really matter?

Cloud services come in all shapes and sizes. From the raw form (infrastructure as a services, renting virtual machines and storage) via platform as a service (running self-build applications on a platform) to complete software as a service (such as Gmail or LinkedIn). Whichever form you choose, data is stored everywhere. Usually business sensitive data. From emails with sensitive content to complete customer data files.

All this data is stored somewhere in the cloud. And the SLA undoubtedly states that the data is kept safe (is that so? Please check your SLA?). However, you usually do not know where your data is. And yes, that matters. How would you feel if your customer data was stored on a server in Uzbekistan? Or in China? How safe is your data in a country that does not have cyber crime in the criminal code?

But don’t forget the politically correct countries! If your data is stored on servers in the United States, it is subject to US law. Under the Patriot Act, for example, the US government can view your data at any time, even without you knowing it.

In any case, your stored information is not subject to Dutch privacy legislation. Your business model may not allow information to be stored in other countries or for information to be governed by Dutch law.

These aspects must be properly assessed before information is stored in the cloud. Do you know where your data is located?

ALTA-ICT is a business-to-business IT service provider that focuses on service and provides multiple ICT services. Core business is offering support, advice, monitoring, management & maintenance and the implementation of IT solutions. IT solutions can range from Backup, Storage, Web Hosting, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure with modern and smart Cloud solutions. We are happy to support your business success.


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Information security or IT-Security is indispensable.

Power of the cloud

Een op IT beveiliging gerichte risicoanalyse resulteert in een verzameling van beveiligingsmaatregelen.


What is true is that IT will take on a different meaning. IT als afdeling waar veel geld naartoe wordt gepompt en veel systemen niet werken zal niet langer bestaan.

The finding that IT is no longer relevant may be true if you don’t change the definition of IT and adapt it to the changing technology. IT has a proactive mission: the goal of making money for a company by using technology effectively, measured and efficiently. Whether it’s a decision to outsource email or build a custom system for a customer, or build a website within the Amazon cloud platform or invest in developers who create applications that outshine the competition, the conclusion remains the same.

IT is not a commodity. The value of IT does not go to zero when more people now get their own computers, websites and apps. No, the opposite is true – IT is the place where customers are won for a company. Relationships are improved, created and expanded because it creates opportunities to do business that has never been seen before.

Just take a look at the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. It did not exist five years ago. Today you can create a virtual server with a few mouse clicks at a very low cost. Five years ago you needed thousands of euros of time and hardware to do that. What happens when technology becomes commonplace? It creates attractive, valuable and rich experiences. Is the IT department not perfectly capable of guiding us in that direction?

Of course IT does matter. Especially at a time when technology is evolving at breakneck speed. IT is more important than ever. It wins customers for a business; it is a crucial weapon, a competitive advantage and a necessary component for any company that wants to continue to exist.

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