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Professional web design

Do you also want to have a website made by a web designer? Then you probably want to have some more information about this first. Below you can read all possible options. Of course, this is always combined with a professional and unique design, completely tailored to your wishes.


Fast delivery

Thanks to our years of experience and internal tooling, we are able to quickly create a professional website.


We make the website 100% according to your wishes. This way you are not limited to a particular template or theme.

Easy to find

Our website is built from day 1 with search engine optimization in mind.

We will continue to help you…

Including Hosting

After completing the website, we offer the option to deploy it on our hosting. This is a super fast environment 100% optimized for how we build websites.

Support, security and updates

In addition to a super fast hosting environment, updating and securing your website is essential. That’s why this is included as standard with our hosting package!

SEO & Link Building

To further increase your website in the search engines, we offer a special link building and onpage SEO package. 100% tailored to your website! read more

Outdated website?

Do you have a website, where is the web design very outdated? This can ensure that customers do not ‘hang’ on your website for a long time or even go to the competitor. A website that looks outdated or unprofessional also means that you can miss out on a lot of money. Most companies see their website as a necessary thing, which makes sense, but doesn’t always work in your favor. Because you see it as something that is necessary, you often do not take into account that your website also needs to be updated regularly.

An outdated website often has a lot of text, while new websites know how to respond to the customers. If your customers go to the competitor because they have a sleek and new website, this means that you are missing out on customers unnecessarily. Simple web design can help you with this. By giving all the information that can be found on the website in a new jacket.

We did not build this website, but it is a good example of an outdated website!

What is web design?

Web design is the term used for everything that has to do with creating websites. Web design not only ensures that all necessary information is present on the website, but also that it is easy to read for the visitors.

It is also very important that the website is easy to find via the various search engines. The way in which a website can be set up differs per assignment. This is logical because companies and individuals have their own wishes regarding the design of the website.

More than just decorating

A web design agency does much more than just design a website. In addition to the fact that all information must be complete, it must also be easy to find for visitors. When creating a website, a web designer always takes into account the type of company and the type of customers that end up on the website. For example, a trendy coffee bar will use social media more often than, for example, a law firm. This is also taken into account.

What is especially important is that all important information is clear. That the contact details are easy to find, you have a clear picture of the content and that you actually get a clear picture of the company at a glance.

High in search results

Having a beautiful and well-functioning website is very important, but it must also be easy to find. SEO is used to ensure this. This stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically means that texts are written with specific keywords.

These keywords not only allow website visitors to read the text well, but Google can also read it. This then ensures that the website is higher in Google, and therefore the website is found better.

In addition, we also offer an SEO and Link Building follow-up process. Specially tailored to your website and wishes!

Including writing SEO texts

All texts written for the website are SEO optimized. This means that there are certain keywords in the text that people often search for on the internet.

By adding these keywords, the website will rank higher in the search engines and the website will therefore be more visible to others. This then ensures that more visitors end up on the website, which can provide additional income.

Texts optimized for user experience

The texts used on the website are first thoroughly researched. For example, a research is done on the internet before the texts are placed. after this research, all information will be converted into an easily readable text that is of course original. In addition, the tone-of-voice is always taken into account.

This means that a text intended for children reads differently than for an adult. But also text written for a law firm; this is written differently than for a restaurant. And is the purpose of the website to sell as much as possible? The spelling will also be adapted accordingly.

Well-functioning pages for every screen

It is important that all pages on the website work well on every screen. This means that the page adapts itself to the screen. So whether you view the website on a computer, tablet or phone, it will always be clearly visible.

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