Uncomplicated SharePoint & Office 365 migration.

Migration opens the way for your digital transformation. Whether you plan to “lift and shift” or take a more strategic approach, every stage of your project deserves a little TLC – from removing old or redundant content before you move, to reporting on your project success.


Digitally transformed

Simplify your journey to Office 365 or the latest SharePoint version to save time and add value for your latest investments.

i-optimized storage

Improved data quality

Pack light … take what you need and throw away unnecessary, outdated and trivial data. Users and search results will benefit.


Reduce business impact

Migrations can be complex and time consuming. We help carry the burden so that your users and IT don’t feel pain.

Your winning approach to Office 365 migration with AMP



Before you migrate, identify required, relevant, and sensitive content and throw away the rest. Find out what adjustments can affect your plans and eliminate potential risks.

i migration


Move data to the cloud or the latest SharePoint version, either automatically or on a schedule. Whether you migrate in bulk or little by little, we keep it together with our migration tool and have no influence on users.

i-screen progress


Keep an eye on your migration process. Responsive monitoring, customizable reports, and content validation make it easier to ensure your project is on track and on time.

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Chart the success of migration

Migrating from the cloud …

Other Office 365 Tenants

i servers

Or migrate from on-prem …

On Premise SharePoint 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016
File systems & Networked shares
Exchange Public Folders
Lotus Notes
OpenText LiveLink
Documentum & eRooms


.. To your destination of choice

Office 365 teams, groups, Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint


Discovery Tool

Eliminate potential risks and optimize your migration to Office 365 or SharePoint with detailed insight and analysis.

Test your migration

Avoid easy bumps on the road. Perform a pre-migration analysis to identify potential problems before they knock you off the job.

i-solid-magnify data

Scan your data

We scan all your migration content to identify potential risks before they become problems.


Mark adjustments

Get detailed reports on current adjustments and find out where they live to decide what to migrate or work again.


Plan your scope

Manipulate scan results to determine the impact of different range parameters, such as recording or excluding content.

Go up in the world

Migrations are complex. Whether you want to migrate all by yourself or need a helping hand, we support you every step of the way. Our solutions will elevate you and lock data.


Keep it intact

Keep all rights and metadata as you move, or be selective and absorb the new security structures on the other side.


Move it quickly

Meet aggressive migration timelines with multi-threading or High-Speed Migration APIs.


Stay in sync

Keep source and destination synced with planning and full or incremental migration options until you deploy them to users.

i-solid-3p arrows


Migrate in bulk or select individual containers to migrate. Filter to become even more specific.


Transform data

Extended mapping ensures that data from other systems is correctly displayed and stored in SharePoint or Office 365.

Let our experts lend you a hand … With Migration-as-a-Service we help you discover what is there and then take care of the rest. Think of it as our experts, on loan.

Office 365 Backup & Restore

Get ready to roll out

Stay up to date with your migration process with notifications and facts. Our extensive monitoring and task reporting is built directly into our products to ensure your migration success.


All in the details

See the facts about the migration, including what migrated, successfully completed, whether content was missed, or if there were errors.


Validate plans

Reports show recently completed migration projects, so you can prioritize user acceptance tests to validate results.

i-solid-alert arrow

Be alert

Notifications let you know when tasks are complete, so you can spend time on more important things.

The right tool for the job

Discovery Tool

Analyze content and structure your source environment to identify potential migration issues before they occur.

i migration

Migrating outdated systems: Migrator

Ensure efficient and smooth migration from LiveLink, Lotus Notes, and other older systems to SharePoint and Office 365.


Cloud and SharePoint migration

Migrate email, files, and other cloud systems (even other Office 365 tenants!) To Office 365. Or migrate files and earlier versions to SharePoint.

Don’t waste any more time and money!

Let our migration specialists do the dirty work for you.


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