Becoming an Office 365 superhero

Want to be an Office 365 superhero? πŸ’ͺ

Whether you’re early in your trip or hoping to get more business value out of your investment, we can help!

We offer you the ability to protect and restore critical content that microsoft’s near-perfect coverage doesn’t quite provide.

Microsoft is a force to be reckoned with and committed to service availability of 99.9. While that may seem infallible, there’s still room for errors due to users or your own retention requirements. Your data is yours – and it should always be accessible and secure.

Why do I need a backup of Office 365?

While enabling retention and versioning can help preserve critical files and email, you’re still responsible for additional data protection scenarios. Without the right backup schedule, data recovery can be very expensive or even impossible!

Microsoft’s proprietary backup security …

πŸ“Œ Service Loss due to hardware or infrastructure failure

πŸ“Œ Service Loss due to natural or data center outages

πŸ“Œ Short-Term User Error (93 Days) with Trash/Version History, Including New OneDrive “Files Restore”

πŸ“Œ Short-Term Administrative Error (14 Days) with Soft Removal for Groups, Mailboxes, or Rollback Of Services

What is not covered …

πŸ“Œ Loss of data by malicious insiders, hacktivists, malware or ransomware

πŸ“Œ Recovery from Prolonged Failure

πŸ“Œ Loss of data due to departing employees and deactivated accounts

πŸ“Œ accidentally remove long-term coverage with selective rollback

Unlimited, automated protection for your Microsoft Cloud

SharePoint & Office 365 Migration

Automatic backups, up to 4x a day, for Office 365 Teams, Groups, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Exchange, Project Online, Planner, and Public Folders. Unlimited means we can protect your content for as long as you need. No more storage surpluses!

Office 365 Automatic Backups

Granular recovery, in place or out of place

You know what you need back? Just send us the file properties, such as content type, owner, creation date, file size, parent list or folder name, email topic, date sent, and more. We’ll get your content back in no time, whether you need them back in place or not – even if .zip or PST on your file system!

control over protected content

Visibility and control over protected content

We provide on-demand reporting to prove that we have you covered. Whether you want access to a simple dashboard for instant security access or detailed task reports, we can help. Take advantage of built-in Azure storage, bring your own storage, or let us keep your data – whatever you choose, you’ll retain full control!

Backup Office 365 on-demand reporting

So Office 365 has a few short-term recovery options, such as the Recycle Bin and soft removal. However, support is limited (lists and list items, permissions, metadata, unadjusted recovery operations, and more) and does not include long-term recovery capabilities.

Without the right backup schedule, data recovery can be difficult or impossible. We offer cloud backup plans that make you feel secure in your cloud!

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