Office 365 Online Course

Are you using Office 365 but your knowledge isn’t yet optimal? Then it might be a good idea to take an Office 365 training. With a training you stay up to date with the latest developments and you will also learn new skills. Within the training you only get information about relevant topics so that you do not store unnecessary information.

What does the training look like?

Get to know Office 365

You'll learn exactly what Office 365 is and what it means to work in the cloud. In addition, you'll get information about the different licenses, explain how to log into Office and the portal, learn how to switch between the online apps, and get an explanation about Office 365 on mobile devices.

The online apps

You'll learn how to access these online apps. Also, the pros and cons compared to the desktop applications are discussed and you learn how to switch between the online apps and the desktop applications.

Office 365 Profile Delve

Within Office 365, you have your own profile, called Delve. Learn how to manage them, where to find the documents, and how to find your colleagues. In addition, you will also learn how to add training, projects and expertise and what the added value of this is.

What are the benefits?

Fewer questions about system management

Because employees have more knowledge about the 365 office environment in which they work. Are they able to answer more problems and questions themselves. This saves a lot of simple questions and work for system management.

Work more efficiently and faster

In our online training you will learn to make maximum use of the office 365 apps. This allows you to work many times faster and more efficiently.

More work pleasure

Nothing so frustrating as wanting to know what you want to do, but not knowing how to apply it in the software. Through our online training you will learn all the tools to develop ideas in the various office 365 tools!

Learn to work more effecienter in

onedrive office training


You'll learn about OneDrive and learn how to keep documents in the cloud. You will also learn how to you can upload documents and how to create new folders and documents. Furthermore, you will learn to navigate in OneDrive, how version control works, how to share documents and folders from OneDrive and Outlook, how to quickly find documents, sync on your PC and how to working together on documents at the same time.

online cursus voor sharepoint


SharePoint is a collaboration platform and during the training you will get information about what SharePoint Online is how to navigate inside and what the informative pages are. You'll also learn how to work with document libraries and lists, what collaboration opportunities there are, and how to quickly find colleagues, information, and documents.

microsoft teams course


You'll get information about what Teams is and what the differences are with SharePoint. Furthermore, you will learn how to connect with your colleagues, how to work together, what the meeting opportunities and you will learn how to use other applications within Teams.

effecienter working in skype


You will learn how to contact colleagues as well as external contacts. In addition, leather how to manage your contacts, how to chat, make and video call, and what to do meeting tools.

onenote explanation with tips and trics


You'll get an explanation of what OneNote is and how to use it. You also learn to add content to the notebook, what the collaboration options are, and how to link other programs.

Microsoft forms


You will learn about how to make intakes, quizzes, polls etc. and you will learn about the different forms of demand, how to use them and how to apply a standard. You will also learn how to distribute forms and how to see results and perform analyses.

office 365 microsoft sway


Learn how to create storylines, presentations, newsletters and more through a Template. You'll also get an explanation of how to create a new presentation based on a Word document, how to use new designs, how to share the presentations, and how to see the presentation metrics.

microsoft planner tutorial


Learn how to draw up a new plan, how to create and distribute tasks, how to create and divide project plan and how to track the progress of a project.

microsoft stream starter guide


Learn how to upload and manage videos, how to publish them across channels, and how to see the stats of your videos.

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Additional information

After you’ve increased your Office 365 training, you can assume that you can work entirely independently and get more returns from Office 365. Often at the end of a training you will receive an official certificate stating that you have successfully participated in the training.

Office 365 training online

If you would like to follow an office 365 training online, this is often also possible. You will then take part in a training course from your own home or workplace. You will then have live access to the virtual classroom where you can also simply consult with other participants and ask your questions when necessary. The curriculum is the same as with a classroom training; the only difference is that you do this from a location that suits you best.

The great advantage of an online training is that you have no travel time and therefore no travel expenses. In some cases, it even saves you accommodation costs, otherwise you would have had to stay in a hotel. All this makes it a way of
climate neutral.

Office 365 Course

It is also possible to take a course. In principle, this is the same as a training, only when you learn about everything about Office 365, while it is divided into a course. So each course represents a chapter. This is especially useful when you already know a thing or two about Office, but don’t know enough about SharePoint or Forms, for example. In that case, you could choose to take a course that matches it, instead of following a whole training course that you already know most of.

Most courses are just online to follow which is ideal. That way you decide when you start the course and you set your own pace. However, you can often simply get in touch with other students and have access to progress information.

Free Office 365 course

If you don’t know if a course or training is for you, it’s also possible to take a free Office 365 course. You’ll learn how to use Office 365 and get to know the different programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can then request a free demo for yourself, your team or your employees. Especially if you often work from home but want to keep in touch with your employees or colleagues, the use of Teams is recommended.

Why work with Teams?

Teams is a good alternative to all the emails you normally get from your colleagues in one day. It allows you to work together faster and more effectively. You can chat one-on-one with a colleague but also make announcements through a channel where all colleagues can access. In addition, it is a nice way for a manager to have all employees together when needed, but also to be able to discuss information one-on-one.

It is also nice to maintain the team feeling when everyone works at home, and of course you want to be able to see that good results are achieved, agreements are honoured and responsibility is taken.

Working from home healthy

In addition to a Teams course, it is also possible to take other courses aimed at working from home. Think of Office 365, but also remote leadership, healthy home working and output-oriented steering are courses that follow this. Especially working from home is important because, how do you organize your workplace? And how do you ensure that clear agreements are made with colleagues?

It is important to find a good balance between work
and private, something that sometimes proves difficult when you work from home. Where one gets distracted more quickly from household tasks, the other focuses entirely on the work, so that he quickly starts working too much. Through good planning you get a better overview of this, and that is very important.

Output-oriented steering

The output-oriented steering course fits in well with working from home but also with Office 365. In this course you will learn how to steer based on results, without the need for working hours and a work location. You will learn which frameworks to work in and what this requires from you but also from your employees.