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Office 365 is no longer an open-minded way of remembering the modern workplace, but because Office is so often needed, it is often put to the test. Not only is there a lot of work to be done, but a lot is expected of it. Think of reliability and security, for example, but also integration and of course ease of use.

On top of that, Microsoft continues to expand its functionalities. All this requires, of course, good management, but also a specific expertise and maintenance.

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Outsource management

If you want to have the perfect Office 365 environment, it’s important that the configuration is completely right. Because the Office environment is constantly changing, its management is quite complex. Only one setting has to be wrong to ensure risks within safety, availability, functionality and performance.

In addition, calamities are difficult to predict and solving them is only possible with a broad technical knowledge. As an administrator, you are forced to support the latest versions, but you also need to be aware of all changes.

Why manage your Office 365 environment?

When you have the management outsourced, it can be ensured that everyone can get started quickly and also have all the necessary apps. Setting permissions and optimizing the environment is also part of this, as well as ensuring a safe environment.

The advantage here is that it is easy to manage online. The moment there is a problem, it can be solved quickly and easily and if you don’t get out of something, it can be looked at with you.

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Administrative tasks

These are all management tasks such as creating new users or modifying existing users, as well as creating or changing distribution lists, mailboxes, nicknames, permissions, contacts, libraries, and so on.

Provisioning & optimization

the optimization is always done in consultation, so that together you can look at how you can make the best use of Office 365. SharePoint can also be set up as an intranet or knowledge centre.

Proactive troubleshooting

This means that it is regularly checked that all critical points are still in order. These points include security and domain settings, license management, and main permissions on files and email.

No IT staff

Especially when you don’t employ IT staff, it’s a good idea to think about outsourcing the management and provide Office 365 support. Not only to make sure everything works optimally, but also as a permanent point of contact and even to take care of the Office 365 deployment or migration if you don’t use Office 365 yet. This ensures that you can work carefree and secure in the cloud and that you can expect optimal support when you need it.

Office 365 support

A professional point of contact is very important. Not only for you, but also for any employees. If there is no own IT staff present, this can also be outsourced. Office 365 support is always there for you when needed. This saves a lot of frustration, both for you and your employees. For all problems and questions, you can contact the Office 365 helpdesk. This applies to support for outages within Office 365, as well as the various apps that go with it. You can also contact you for general questions related to Office 365 and its apps.

All-in management

If you would like the whole package for your company, you can often also opt for all-in management. This prevents unexpected IT spending, provides optimal protection and support, and management for Office 365 and associated apps, as well as all workstations, network, and printers. These include:

  • Proactively identify and resolve problems
  • Make adjustments within Office 365, workstation, and network
  • An automatic rollout and keeping the software up-to-date
  • Watching from a distance but also help on location
  • Installation and configuration of new software
  • Inventory and monitoring of hardware and software

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