Nieuwe werkomgeving met ALTA-ICT.

ALTA-ICT helpt jou leven vrijer, leuker en makkelijker te maken door mensen te verbinden. Met passie werkt ALTA-ICT aan veilige, betrouwbare en toekomstbestendige netwerken en diensten, zodat mensen altijd en overal met elkaar verbonden kunnen zijn. Om vooruitstrevend en innovatief te zijn, is het noodzaak om naar de toekomst kijken.

What is Modern Workplace?

A Modern Workplace ensures that employees get the best out of themselves, can work together safely and are flexible in the choice of devices and apps. This doesn’t make them work harder, but smarter. The modern workplace, with an important cloud component, also presents a number of new challenges in the field of safety & compliance. Everywhere, company information needs to be monitored and secured when employees use mobile devices to access the network and sensitive company data. A Modern Workplace is a precondition for remaining relevant in a dynamic and competitive market.


Modern Workplace als managed service.

As an official Microsoft partner, ALTA-ICT also supplies the Modern Workplace as a managed service

An always up-to-date Cloud Workplace that offers freedom of choice to the end users so that they can collaborate safely as they want.

ALTA-ICT Modern Workplace ensures that your employees get the best out of themselves and their workplace. With Modern Workplace, they can work together securely and work flexibly with the devices and applications of their choice.

ALTA-ICT Modern Workplace comes with unique self-service facilities from ALTA-ICT, so that your employees can quickly make changes themselves and thus continue to work without any worries. Your organization will be transferred to ALTA-ICT Modern Workplace on the basis of predefined personas. This way you can be sure that the solution perfectly matches the wishes of your organization and your employees. ALTA-ICT Modern Workplace works with different profiles, tailored to the needs and digital skills of your employees. As a result, they always have the applications and applications they need in the workplace that they prefer to use, without having to worry about linking unsuitable applications to your company network.

We recommend using Microsoft Surface devices with the Modern Workplace from ALTA-ICT. These devices offer the best that Microsoft has to offer, inspire your employees, are innovative and future-proof.

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