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An important point in GDPR legislation is that you are fully aware of all tracking technologies on your website and that you know what user data you share with third parties and where this data is sent to. It is therefore essential that you find and explain all tracking technologies on your website.

If you order our Premium solution, you will receive from us:

  • cookie consent banner
  • cookie statement in Dutch (or any of the other 40 languages)
  • monthly scan reporting
  • monthly updates of the cookie statement, through a dynamic cookie policy
  • legally required consent log with consents and withdrawal of consents

Important: Our banner does not keep any data from your website visitors, as long as permission has not been given by the visitor to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to many of your questions below, or get in touch immediately for more information.

The Free (free) subscription does not include the following features: monthly reporting received by email, banner customization, declaration customization, multiple languages, data export, geolocation, bulk consent. It is also important that you do not have access to consent statistics. Also up to 1 domain with a free account.

Yes, that’s possible. The rates for this are higher. The rates are then as follows:

  • Premium Small €16 per month
  • Premium Medium €38 per month
  • Premium Large €70 per month

The size of your subscription is determined by the total number of pages (including subpages) found on your website. The scanner scans the entire website including all sub pages where cookies and tracking technology can be in use. This includes dynamic pages and pages with iframes, videos, images, pop-ups, etc. This deep scan is there to ensure that all cookies and trackers are found (and so compliant) in order to display accurate information when a website visitor is asked to give consent.

Yes, domains and sub-domains are seen separately. This is because we scan every domain/sub domain. That’s why you need a subscription for each of your domains and sub domains.

–, and is seen as 3 different domains.

–, and is seen as one domain.

– Note and (www alias) is considered as 1 domain.

Do we deal with you every month? Then the notice period is one month. Termination must be made for the first day of the new month of your subscription. A current month is always fully calculated.

Do we deal with you every year? Then the minimum notice period is one month before the expiry of the subscription period. We do not refund money during the term of an annual contract.

That is certainly possible. Your website will be scanned daily for cookies and all changes, additions and deletions are directly processed in the cookie banner and cookie statement. The daily scanning rate is €80 per month. These costs are in addition to the monthly subscription fee.

We scan your website for the 10 most famous tracking technologies,including those behind your login system. We find a lot more trackers than other parties. Think: HTTP cookies, Javascript cookies, HTML5 Local Storage 1st party cookies, HTML5 Local Storage 3rd party cookies, IndexedDB, Silverlight Isolated Storage, Flash Local Shared Object, Web beacons, Ultrasound beacons and Pixel tags.

ALTA-ICT is valuable for companies with a focus on growth. Your website doesn’t have to be perfect for that, as long as traffic is generated on your website. With our solution you get insight into the cookies and other trackers on your website. Based on these insights – after receiving the monthly reports – you can adjust which cookies you want or don’t want to use. You may still be able to make arrangements with third parties that receive information from visitors on your website.

You can sign up via this page. After you’ve gone through the sign-in process, you’ll receive a free website compliance analysis within 3 business days. In addition, you will receive a non-binding quote for the implementation of our GDPR cookie banner so that your website also meets the minimum requirements of the legislation.

Yes. If there are multiple websites under one domain, we will discount them. The exact discount we can tell you if we know how many websites and subpages are involved. Do you want a discount on the rate of 1 domain? This is possible if you opt for a longer contract term. Ask us about the possibilities via the contact page.

No, unfortunately not. The GDPR will enter into force on 25 May 2018. It states that visitors to a website must explicitly grant permission to place cookies. It should also be just as easy for these visitors to revoke the permission. A simple notification that you are using cookies does not comply with the new law and regulations.

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