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ALTA-ICT is your partner for the implementation and support of the latest cloud solutions.

ALTA-ICT takes your privacy seriously and will process and use information in a secure manner. In our Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions, we explain to you what data we process from you and for what purpose we do so. In addition, you can read about your rights regarding our processing of your personal data in our Privacy Statement.

ALTA-ICT is your partner to implement and support the latest cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Web hosting, GDPR Cookie banner, Microsoft Azure and more. For our solutions you go to our Services page.

The focus of cloud computing is automation. Or replacing human labor. With this automation, you can get computers to work together to deliver resources such as computing power and data.

Multiple measures are taken to ensure that your data is actually secure. For example, all your files are encrypted during storage, so that the data for people who don’t have your login name and password can’t do anything with the files.