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With Microsoft Teams, you can now bring more people to your mobile meetings.


Microsoft Teams continues to increase with the number of people you can watch at the same time during conversations and meetings.

Microsoft Teams on Android now supports larger grid views in meetings and calls. The update was recently launched and supports 2×4 meetings on phones and 3×3 meetings on tablets. The same update also brings Cortana into Teams support. You can now download the update from the Google Play Store.

People keep asking Microsoft to increase how many people can appear in a conversation or meeting at the same time. The latest update lets you see eight people on a phone at once and nine people on a tablet at once. On PCs, Microsoft Teams already supports a massive 7×7 grid with a view of 49 people.

With phone screens getting bigger, you can reasonably call more people at once. Even a phone like the Galaxy S20 FE, which is good for one-handed use, has a 6.5 inch screen size.

On the side of the Android tablet, you can grab a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 that has an 11-inch screen. That screen should be more than enough to fit nine people.

Cortana in Teams is a new addition to Teams on Android. Lets you send, call, and join meetings with your voice. Microsoft has a support document with a full list of everything you can do with the digital assistant within Teams.

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