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Tasks in Teams

The new Tasks app in Microsoft Teams is now widely available.

Microsoft has officially announced that the new Tasks app is now generally available to all Microsoft Teams users with a Microsoft 365 subscription. The company says the new Tasks experience should be available in the desktop and web versions of Teams for all non-governmental tenants. As a reminder, the rollout of the new Tasks app began in July and was gradual until September. The task management app is essentially a rebranding of the Microsoft Planner app in Teams. However, the new experience comes with a host of new features, including a new list view and the ability to edit multiple tasks at once.

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Microsoft To Do, Planner, Lists of Tasks in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft To Do, Planner, Lists or Tasks in Microsoft Teams?

2020 has proved to be an important year for new tools and features rolled out in Microsoft 365, including the introduction of Microsoft Lists – in fact a major update to the SharePoint lists, presented as a separate app – the new Tasks app in Microsoft Teams, and several upgrades to the two main task apps, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft To Do. But where do lists, planner, tasks and tasks fall into teams on the spectrum? There is some overlap and there are some aspects of these apps that are actually not just about tasks. So let’s dive in. See below for a video version of this post.

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