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You can now drag and drop files from Outlook to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has just been given a handy new feature that makes it work better with Microsoft Outlook. After a recent change, you can now drag and drop file attachments from Outlook to Microsoft Teams. The functionality should make it significantly faster and easier to move files between the two Microsoft apps. The ability to drag and drop file attachments from Outlook to Teams was originally requested in Microsoft’s UserVoice in November 2016. Since then, the request has received more than 11,500 upvotes. Despite the large number of upvotes, it took more than four years for the feature to be rolled out. Before drag and drop support between Outlook and Teams was rolled out, people had to download a file attachment and then upload it to Teams. Some people dragged a file from Outlook to the desktop, and then dragged the file from the desktop to Teams. It was a clumsy solution that added time to file management and sharing.

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Microsoft Teams gets a new way to manage key settings.

If you’re using Microsoft Teams, you’ve probably interacted with the “Profile” menu in the app’s title bar. By default, the Microsoft Teams title bar comes with your profile icon that gives you access to your organization/personal account, settings, and more. All of the app’s key features can be found on the Microsoft Teams General Settings tab. From there, you can change your audio and video settings and change hardware settings. You can also turn off hardware acceleration, turn off Teams when you start your PC, and more. In addition to these settings, users must also interact with the profile menu to access their organizational settings and switch between accounts.

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First look at the new sharing experience of Microsoft Teams during meetings.

Like any collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams also lets you quickly share content from your device, although the experience on a desktop is different from a mobile device. Microsoft is now working on a new process to share a document, a presentation, a whiteboard, the desktop’s full screen, and the app on your screen. The new Microsoft Teams user interface is designed to provide a clear experience so you can share the content directly from the main menu. As you can see in the screenshot below, Microsoft is adding a new “Share” icon to the main menu that lets you share content when you’re in a meeting. The new Share User Interface allows users to share screen, window, PowerPoint slides, and whiteboard content with or without computer sound.

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Yammer community notifications are now available in Microsoft Teams.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the rollout of yammer communities notifications in Microsoft Teams. With millions of employees working remotely or in hybrid environments, it’s more important than ever that employees feel connected. Teams make it easier to collaborate with others, create workplaces, chat, meet virtually with others, and integrate your business solutions, all from a single platform. But many conversations go beyond your working groups and departments and bring together employees who may never have met or never worked together. These kinds of engagements take place in communities. Last year, Microsoft released the Community app for Microsoft Teams, which integrates all your Yammer communities and conversations into Teams. Microsoft is excited to take that integration to the next level.

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News together mode

Great Gallery View and Together mode on the go for Microsoft Teams on web.

Microsoft Teams will soon be supporting the large gallery view and Together mode on the Internet in the Edge and Chrome browsers. Currently, you can use these features in the Microsoft Teams app, but in the near future the option will also appear on the Internet. Both views let you see dozens of people in a meeting at once. Support for large gallery view and Together mode on the Internet is described in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The dates on the roadmap can always change, because they are only current plans and not dates that Microsoft has made a strong commitment to. The large gallery view allows you to see up to 49 people in a 7 x 7 grid. We have a guide to enabling 49 people to view in Microsoft Teams if you want to use the feature in the Microsoft Teams app.

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OneDrive 250GB file size

Soon you’ll be able to upload files up to 250GB to OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint.

Microsoft will soon allow you to upload even larger files to OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint, increasing the limit from 100GB to 250GB. The larger file size limit may be good news for people who work from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have to upload large projects like 4K and 8K video, CAD files, or scientific datasets to the cloud so they can be shared with colleagues and customers. According to Microsoft, the change will also be transferred to OneDrive for personal use, which could make it easier for you to upload large photo or video collections.

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presenter view NEW

Microsoft Teams to receive PowerPoint Presenter view

Technology is getting old fast. What was called innovative yesterday may not be important today. The dynamic technology landscape is constantly being updated to meet the changing demands of the progressive world. Taking this into account, technology companies continue to update their products and services to provide continuous service to their customers. In one such attempt, Microsoft will implement the PowerPoint Presenter View update for Microsoft Teams. This article discusses how this update will improve your meeting experience in Teams.

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Microsoft Teams Adds Meeting Recaps

Microsoft Teams adds meeting summarys to keep you informed.

In a world where we are always “quick to talk”, you will undoubtedly miss a few virtual chats. We can’t be everywhere at once, and that’s where a new feature for Microsoft Teams comes in. With meeting summaries, you can get carried away in a meeting you missed or go back to what’s been discussed. As Windows Latest reports, Microsoft announced the feature last year and is now rolling it out to some users, with the full rollout expected by the end of February. Summaries include the history of instant messages, notes, recordings, and transcripts, if available. “A summary of the meeting helps teams stay on track and get on with their work after the meeting ends,” microsoft says.

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