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Microsoft Teams instant messaging translation feature now available to iOS and Android users

The translation of instant messaging for Microsoft Teams iOS and Android apps was one of the most in-demand features on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page. Based on user feedback, the company began working on the feature last year and finally, after more than a year, the company has completed the development and is now rolling out the instant messaging translation feature to Microsoft Teams iOS and Android apps. On the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page, the company has just let us know that the long-awaited instant messaging translation feature is now available to Teams users on both Android and iOS. The feature is powered by Microsoft Translation services and allows users to translate channel messages into the language of their choice in a different language.

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Power Bi Company Reports

What is Microsoft Power BI and its key features?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides non-technical business users with tools for aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share data. Power BI’s user interface is fairly intuitive for users familiar with Excel, and its deep integration with other Microsoft products makes it a very versatile self-service tool that requires little pre-training. A free version of Power BI is intended for owners of small to medium-sized businesses; a professional version called Power BI Plus is available for a monthly subscription fee. Users can download an application for Windows 10, called Power BI Desktop, and native mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. There is also Power BI Report Server for businesses that need to maintain their data and reports on-premises. That version of Power BI requires a special version of the desktop app – aptly called Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server.

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What is Microsoft Flow and its alternatives?

Microsoft Flow, now called Power Automate, is cloud-based software that allows employees to create and automate workflows and tasks for multiple applications and services without the help of developers. Automated workflows are called flows. To create a flow, the user specifies which action should occur when a specific event occurs. Once a power is built, it can be managed on the desktop or through an app on a mobile device. Flow integrates with a variety of Microsoft services and apps, including Power BI, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, and Office 365.

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Microsoft Teams must copy Slack’s new message scheduling option

Yesterday Slack announced a new option that lets you schedule messages (via The Verge). This feature allows people to schedule messages in chat rooms, as direct messages, or in group discussions. People can schedule messages on slack’s iOS, Android, and desktop versions. Because many people work remotely, the schedules don’t always match. For example, our news editor, Rob Carnevale, and I work in different time zones. I usually sign out around 7pm in England, and he stays on for several hours because he’s based in the United States. Carnevale often leaves messages for “future Sean” with the intention of seeing them when I sign up in the morning. This works fine in some cases, but is a tricky solution. Being able to schedule messages for any time in the future opens up new possibilities.

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Microsoft’s OneDrive becomes a Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps could be a big problem for the Windows 10 app store in the future, and Microsoft is slowly updating its web services with Progressive Web Apps features, such as offline mode support and push notifications. However, at the moment, many of the sites and Microsoft services we use are just not good PWA. It looks like Microsoft’s OneDrive will finally become a full-fledged Progressive Web App in July. As a real web app, OneDrive can be “installed” on Windows 10 and other devices. By installing OneDrive PWA on your PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can think of that online storage website more as a native app. OneDrive PWA will remove the traditional address bar at the top of the page and there will be no tabs, meaning everything will look more like a native app. According to the updated roadmap, OneDrive PWA is supported in all popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

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Microsoft Teams chat bubbles

Microsoft Teams gets chat balloons, paging support on Windows 10, macOS

When Microsoft Teams was originally announced, it was positioned as a workplace collaboration tool to compete with platforms like Slack. Today, Microsoft Teams has evolved into a place where you can communicate like on Discord, WhatsApp, and the company hopes the platform can be optimized for consumers as well. In the latest effort to improve Teams’ chat experience, Microsoft is introducing a new feature called “chat bubbles” – a feature that will be familiar to Messenger or WhatsApp users. When you receive a new message on your mobile, a chat balloon (a floating notification alert) appears on the screen and it stays informed of everything else you do on the screen for a few seconds. Microsoft is trying to recreate that experience on Windows 10 and macOS by enabling support for new chat bubbles in Teams.

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Microsoft Visio

Microsoft 365 customers get a handy new tool at no extra cost

Lightweight Visio app will soon be available to Microsoft 365 users. Microsoft has announced that it will create a lightweight version of its Visio diagram software for Microsoft 365 so users can quickly create and visualize their business processes, data, and more. Visio has long been available as a standalone app that users who need to create complicated diagrams can purchase through a subscription or as a one-time purchase. However, due to its specialized nature, the software is quite expensive if it is purchased for € 439 for Visio Standard 2019 and € 809 for Visio Professional 2019. Fortunately, Microsoft’s visio plans for Visio are much more affordable at €4.20 per user per month for Visio plan 1 and €12.60 per user per month for Visio plan 2, which also includes additional integrations with Microsoft 365.

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add or transfer call to device

Microsoft Teams phones get custom backgrounds and calls forwarded

Teams phones have been given several features this month that Teams users know on smartphones and PCs. Every month, Microsoft collects a list of all the new features for Teams phones. These special devices allow people to use Teams through hardware like the Lenovo ThinkSmart View. Some of this month’s new features bring functionality to Teams phones already available on Microsoft Teams for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, such as adding or transferring a call to a device. Microsoft outlines the new features in a Tech Community post. Support for transferring and adding calls to devices was rolled out this month. If you’re on a call on another device, your Teams phone will ask you to connect the device or add it to the call. This functionality was already supported by the Teams apps for phones and computers, so it’s a nice addition to Teams phones.

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Microsoft Search in Teams

Microsoft Search may soon be able to search for specific Microsoft Teams meetings

An upcoming feature for Microsoft Search will make it much easier to find quotes and details from included Microsoft Teams meetings. Microsoft Teams can transcribe meetings as they occur. The functionality makes it easier to follow live and also provides a full transcript of the meeting for later review. Soon, you’ll be able to use Microsoft Search to find specific meetings based on what participants said.

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