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Microsoft Forms

Get the answers you need with Microsoft Forms.

Any company would want them to be able to read their customers’ minds – doesn’t that just solve everything? You never have to wonder what your next product, service or strategic goals are. Your business would never struggle to be profitable and always deliver exactly what your customers need when they need it. Your overheads would be minimal because you would essentially have a picture of the immediate future. Because that’s virtually impossible, companies go to the following: just ask questions. The easiest way is to use a survey or a form creation tool, and the big advantage of these tools is the flexibility in use. Forms can collect information from customers, but they also serve so many other purposes. Each time you need information, you can ask the question in digital form to collect an answer or multiple answers. What can Microsoft Forms do for you? Microsoft Forms is often overlooked as a data collection tool, compared to Survey Monkey or Google Forms, but as part of Microsoft 365 it is readily available and packed with features.

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Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms make it easy to share quizzes and surveys over the Internet.

Microsoft Forms is now available and no longer has a preview. Forms lets you create surveys and quizzes that you can easily share with people over the Internet. People can view surveys and quizzes on smartphones, tablets, and PCs through a browser or the Office mobile app. When you create a survey or quiz in Forms, you can use pre-existing templates or create content from scratch. The smart templates suggest things you can include, such as questions you want to add, and answers to list as options. Forms also suggest a theme for your quiz or survey. You can create forms with text, images, and videos to gather the information you need from people.

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