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Get your people on board with Microsoft Teams

Get your people on board with Microsoft Teams.

It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams has proven itself to be a major driver of digital transformation, enabling employees of any size company to collaborate on projects and share ideas, as well as communicate through instant messaging, video collaboration, and voice calls. But while many progressive organizations are jumping on board the digital transformation train to meet the challenges of our dynamic global economy, the whole process can quickly turn sour if employees don’t apply the new technology.

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The benefits of adding cloud telephony to Microsoft Teams.

The benefits of adding cloud telephony to Microsoft Teams.

Remote working has been on the rise for a while, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. A recent survey by 451 Research found that 67% of organisations expect the remote working policy to remain in place permanently or in the long term. Many large international companies are considering closing some of their office locations and switching to a permanent model for remote working. All this strengthens the case for technology investment to support the more dispersed workforce that companies expect to manage in the future.

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