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What apps does Microsoft 365 contain?

When Microsoft started with Office products, there were only a handful: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. While most consumers still use the same set, Microsoft Portfolio has expanded to more than 20 apps under the Microsoft 365 brand name. In this post, we look at the list of apps that Microsoft 365 contains. In simple terms, it is the full version of Office that offers all products and can be installed on a computer. It can also be deployed to an Enterprise computer using the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration. It is a combination of applications and services.

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Yammer community notifications are now available in Microsoft Teams.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the rollout of yammer communities notifications in Microsoft Teams. With millions of employees working remotely or in hybrid environments, it’s more important than ever that employees feel connected. Teams make it easier to collaborate with others, create workplaces, chat, meet virtually with others, and integrate your business solutions, all from a single platform. But many conversations go beyond your working groups and departments and bring together employees who may never have met or never worked together. These kinds of engagements take place in communities. Last year, Microsoft released the Community app for Microsoft Teams, which integrates all your Yammer communities and conversations into Teams. Microsoft is excited to take that integration to the next level.

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