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Microsoft Teams gets support for Annotations for PowerPoint slides

Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 and macOS has added some fun new features, including new PowerPoint Live integration and the ability to delete private chats. The desktop client will now receive support for a full-fledged annotation tool later this month and it will work with the existing PowerPoint Live integration. This new feature comes as part of the June 2021 update and has been under testing for a few months now. When you upload a PowerPoint slide to Microsoft Teams using PowerPoint Live integration, you can quickly annotate your slides with a toolset familiar to anyone who has ever used the annotation tool. Microsoft explained that this feature is designed for organizers/presenters and can be used as a “virtual laser pointer” to take notes in ink so that the audience can easily follow. This feature is particularly useful for educational institutions, as teachers can highlight different points using annotations.

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PowerPoint Live is now widely available

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Live Presentations was coming. It is now generally available on PowerPoint for the web. When we first announced PowerPoint Live, we saw excitement from both business and education customers about how this feature could be used at personal events: conferences, lecture halls, business all hands, town halls, and more. Of course, the world has changed a lot since then. Microsoft knows that As more physical events and meetings take place, PowerPoint Live will prove to be a very useful tool to connect with your audience and communicate more effectively, which Microsoft would like you to see. However, they also have tips below on how to use this capability now in remote work and learning scenarios.

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