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Teams Approvals

New approval features in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams continues to offer its users new features, and this week Microsoft announced updates to their built-in approval application. With a previously limited capacity, the approval app could become a staple of your organization. Sometimes projects or work need approval to continue or start. The latest updates to the built-in Approvals app in Microsoft Teams provide a streamlined process with faster results. The approval can be a written confirmation from a manager, a formal authorization from stakeholders or even a signature from customers. It can sometimes be a complex task to track and manage approval requests when multiple people or systems are involved, often leading to major delays. Microsoft Teams has tried to resolve these issues through these updates.

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Microsoft Teams has been given a new tool to manage approval requests.

The new Approvals app is now being rolled out for Microsoft Teams. The app allows people to create, manage, and share approvals for items, such as expense statements and other requests. You can create items for approval from a chat or channel or directly from the Approvals app within Microsoft Teams. The feature is now being rolled out and should be widely available by mid-January, according to Microsoft. When you submit an item for approval, those who need to approve it will be notified. They can then read the details included as part of the request. If the approval request was sent within a chat or channel, approvers will see a message with boxes to approve or disapprove the request.

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