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Recording Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft postpones switching from Microsoft Teams recordings to OneDrive

Microsoft is in the process of changing storage for new recordings of Microsoft Teams meetings from Microsoft Stream (classic) to OneDrive and SharePoint (ODSP). The move to ODSP unlocks long-awaited features, including external sharing and guest sharing, retention policy application, GoLocal support, and BYOK support for customers. Microsoft planned to make the move mandatory on July 7, 2021, but today announced that the move would be delayed until August 16 to ensure the availability of transcript-driven subtitles and the ability to block downloads.

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What apps does Microsoft 365 contain?

When Microsoft started with Office products, there were only a handful: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. While most consumers still use the same set, Microsoft Portfolio has expanded to more than 20 apps under the Microsoft 365 brand name. In this post, we look at the list of apps that Microsoft 365 contains. In simple terms, it is the full version of Office that offers all products and can be installed on a computer. It can also be deployed to an Enterprise computer using the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration. It is a combination of applications and services.

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How do I find the Microsoft Teams recording location?

Microsoft Teams has a built-in recording feature for recording audio or video calls. The feature is available regardless of the type of meeting you have. As soon as the meeting is completed or stopped, the recording is shared through the channel on which the meeting took place. This recording can then be downloaded by anyone who is part of the channel. Because it’s available within the channel, team members don’t have to look for it. Microsoft Teams uploads it online to make the recording available to all members. If you can’t find the recording for a team in a channel between the messy conversations, you can download it from outside Of Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Stream Banner

Teams first Office 365 application that uses Stream 2.0.

Microsoft announced Stream 2.0, a major revamp of the Stream video portal, in the What’s New for Microsoft Stream and Video in Microsoft 365 at the Virtual Ignite 2020 Conference. The big news is that Stream is moving its video storage from the Stream Azure-based storage service to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. The move starts with recordings of Teams meetings in October (learn more in What’s New for Teams Meetings).

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