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Microsoft Sway

What is Microsoft Sway? How to use the powerful presentation program and how it differs from PowerPoint.

Microsoft has been operating as a hard and software moloch for decades. And if you look at their products, it’s not hard to understand why – almost every PC user on earth has ever used Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365. And while we often think of Office as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, there are actually many more programs. One of the most useful is Microsoft Sway. Sway is a presentation creation app that can be accessed for free on as long as the user has a Microsoft account. For those with a Microsoft 365 subscription, Sway offers more features than the free version.

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Microsoft Planner Banner

Help your team get things done with Microsoft Planner.

Microsoft 365 comes with a range of productivity tools that integrate seamlessly so organizations can manage their workflow, communication, and storage all in one place. Microsoft Planner is Microsoft’s task management tool that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and organize their work visually. Planner allows teams to create project plans, assign and organize tasks, manage project timelines, and collaborate in real time. Planner also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, meaning teams can store important links, files, and other content in addition to their associated tasks. This ensures that everything related to a project is stored together and is never deleted more than a click.

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