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Student teams

Microsoft Teams provides a new educational experience for students.

Technology is becoming more and more steeped in students’ lives, with more paper assignments being handed over online every day. The decision to introduce Microsoft Teams as the main online platform for schools has only furthered this change. However, this decision has come under heavy scrutiny from the district, with certain aspects constantly being discussed. For example, the site has had technical difficulties in submitting assignments and days when the site has completely crashed, preventing students from accessing the work. These are all the problems freshman Dakota Geiger has had to deal with this year. However, she has still found several benefits on the site, such as the organization and how all classes can be easily found.

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Advanced Communication Capabilities for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams gets a new add-on for Advanced Communications.

Are you ready to step up your communication? Microsoft has you covered, with the announcement of a new add-on for Microsoft Teams: Advanced Communications, what education customers can expect from this new license. Starting August 1, 2020, education customers looking for an enhanced and scalable communication experience will be able to obtain the Advanced Communications add-on SKU for each Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription. How does Advanced Communications differ from regular Microsoft Teams? What does this add-on need? Let’s look at these questions and more.

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Nurture social and emotional wellbeing outside of the classroom

Microsoft Teams and OneNote offer these new features for remote learning.

Now that Microsoft has begun rolling out its new 7×7 grid view for teams and virtual brainstorming spaces, the company is releasing new features designed to improve the “emotional connection” for students and teachers. The latest Teams tools include “praise badges” from the Praise app, which Microsoft suggests teachers can use to “recognize students’ social skills, increase emotional vocabulary, and give valuable recognition to daily victories.”

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Learning remotely new school year

While this article was written, the class for many schools and universities around the world may be in session – most likely online – in session. The last few months have turned the way we teach and how we learn upside down. Many teachers and teachers have often incorporated new tools into their lessons for the first time. And students are experiencing new learning methods that will have an important, lasting impact. With this transition, it has become clear that, with the required physical distance between teachers and students, it is more important than ever to help teachers find ways to connect with students and keep them engaged, motivated, and safe in a digital world. Many signals point to the continued use of remote and hybrid learning digital tools until the fall and beyond. We’ve asked nearly 500 members of the Microsoft Education community, who represent teachers and institutional leaders from around the world, to share what they’ve learned while teaching remotely. We found that 61 percent expect to start the next school year in a hybrid learning environment – a mix of remote learning and face-to-face learning – and 87 percent expect to use technology more often than ever after classroom teaching resumes.

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