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Microsoft is working with SpaceX to launch Azure Space to bring cloud computing to the last frontier.

Microsoft is working with SpaceX and SES to launch the technology giant’s new cloud computing business for space. Azure Space, Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform, aims to provide mobile data centers for cloud computing that can be used anywhere. For the emerging company, Microsoft has relied on SpaceX’s Starlink Internet satellites and extended its agreement with satellite company SES for Azure Space. Microsoft will gain access to the Starlink broadband network (SpaceX has so far launched more than 800 of the satellites) for the company’s new “Azure Modular Datacenter” (MDC), a data center, an embedded unit that can be deployed anywhere, even “off the grid,” creating remote connectivity access or supporting existing access.

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Azure Cost Management

Microsoft Azure: These tools help you track your spending on cloud computing.

If you’re using Microsoft’s cloud, Azure Cost Management + Billing is truly an essential service. One of the perennial myths about working with cloud computing resources is that it’s almost impossible to predict and manage costs. That was perhaps the case in the early days, when the proliferation of virtual machines and inconsistent management and governance tools made it easy to suddenly get an account of many thousands of dollars, when you thought you were just a few virtual machines and a small development database. The result is a mix of complex pieces of data that make it difficult to predict the right balance between dynamic and reserved cloud services for your business.

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Microsoft Stream Banner

Teams first Office 365 application that uses Stream 2.0.

Microsoft announced Stream 2.0, a major revamp of the Stream video portal, in the What’s New for Microsoft Stream and Video in Microsoft 365 at the Virtual Ignite 2020 Conference. The big news is that Stream is moving its video storage from the Stream Azure-based storage service to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. The move starts with recordings of Teams meetings in October (learn more in What’s New for Teams Meetings).

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Microsoft has removed 18 Azure Active Directory applications from its Azure portal created by a China-linked APT group, Gadolinium.

Microsoft announced this week that it has removed 18 Azure Active Directory applications from its Azure portal created by a China-linked cyber espionage group that is tracked as APT group Gadolinium (also known as APT40 or Leviathan). The 18 Azure AD apps were removed by the IT giant in April, Microsoft also published a report detailing the operation of Gadolinium.

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