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Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms feature changes the game

The Breakout Rooms feature from Microsoft Teams changes the game.

Microsoft updated its flagship Teams product with new features every month, and over the weekend, microsoft teams’ marketing director teased some improvements designed specifically for the online classes. At the end of July, Microsoft confirmed that it plans to develop Zoom-like Breakout Rooms feature for Teams. Last month, Microsoft officially teased the support of Breakout Rooms at the Ignite 2020 conference and now the company has posted another teaser of this long-awaited update. Brainstorming Rooms is a feature designed specifically to help more than 150 million students and institutional leaders use Microsoft Teams. With brainstorming rooms, Microsoft says teachers or organizers can divide the classroom into small groups.

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Office 365 for Mac will stop supporting macOS 10.13 High Sierra next month.

Office 365 for Mac apps will no longer be supported on macOS 10.13 High Sierra or older as of November 10, 2020. Microsoft announced the change to its Office 365 messaging center, and users of these older versions of macOS will no longer receive app updates and new features starting next month. “As of the Microsoft 365 for Mac November 2020 update, macOS 10.14 Mojave or later is required to receive updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. If you continue with an older version of macOS, your Office apps will continue to work, but you won’t get any more updates, including security updates” explains the company.

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OneDrive_Teams Collaboration

A new file sharing experience is now being introduced in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams now has a new file-sharing experience that is currently available in OneDrive, Outlook, and Office. According to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, the feature is now being rolled out and should be widely available by the end of November. As a reminder, the new file sharing experience was initially announced in July 2020. The company began rolling out this feature in August before pausing to make some additional code changes. With the new file sharing experience, Microsoft Teams now allows users to create different sharing links while creating a private chat or starting a channel conversation.

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Get started with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

Get started with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie.

A new Push-to-Talk experience from Microsoft Teams. As part of the Ignite 2020 conference, Microsoft has introduced a series of exciting new updates to the Microsoft Teams experience. Users can enjoy an updated Microsoft Teams Phones experience, complete with a convenient user interface that fits their schedule. There are also several updates for calling and chatting with Microsoft Teams. One of the interesting newcomers to appear in the Microsoft portfolio this season is the Walkie Talkie app. This handy push-to-talk application provides access to direct communication for the entire team. The app is now available in Android and allows users to communicate quickly and effectively with their teams through the channels in which they are members.

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How to limit OneDrive upload bandwidth

How to limit OneDrive upload bandwidth.

If the OneDrive client is actively syncing files, you’ll see the sync symbol (Image #1) over the OneDrive icon in the notification area. Clicking the OneDrive icon displays a list of files that are in the sync queue. On the device I was dissolving, OneDrive uploaded a series of large media files that had recently been transferred to the local drive. By default, the upload speed of the OneDrive sync client is not limited. In other words, it can saturate your upload bandwidth. If the client syncs small office files, or if a large amount of upload bandwidth is available, the default setting may not be a problem.

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team settings-customized

Microsoft starts rolling out simplified notification settings in Microsoft Teams.

In August, we reported that Microsoft is working on a simplified notification experience that makes it easy for users to configure and customize their notification settings. The revamped notification settings page has begun rolling out to users using the desktop and web version of Microsoft Teams, according to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The newly designed notification settings section offers many customization options, such as email, sound, teams and channel, chat, meetings, people, and others. Interestingly enough, one of the main highlights of this release is the new Teams and Channel section. Allows users to choose from two teams and channel notifications presets, including “All Activities” and “Mentions and Replies.”

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Microsoft Teams now gets the Hard Mute and Spotlight feature

Microsoft Teams now gets the Hard Mute and Spotlight feature.

Microsoft has begun rolling out two new features for Microsoft Teams. Both features are designed to help teachers and presenters reduce interruptions during Microsoft Teams meetings. Microsoft has formally announced the rollout of the Hard Mute and Spotlight features to Microsoft Teams on Windows and other platforms. The two features were first rolled out in September and Microsoft had already made an official announcement at the Ignite 2020 conference. The new Hard Mute feature does what you’d expect: prevent attendees from lifting their microphone during a meeting.

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Advanced Communication Capabilities for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams gets a new add-on for Advanced Communications.

Are you ready to step up your communication? Microsoft has you covered, with the announcement of a new add-on for Microsoft Teams: Advanced Communications, what education customers can expect from this new license. Starting August 1, 2020, education customers looking for an enhanced and scalable communication experience will be able to obtain the Advanced Communications add-on SKU for each Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription. How does Advanced Communications differ from regular Microsoft Teams? What does this add-on need? Let’s look at these questions and more.

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