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What is Twitter Spaces? [+ Why marketers should be worried]

In recent months, Twitter has experimented with a new feature called Twitter Spaces. And now the much talked about feature is finally available to all account holders with over 600 followers. Spaces, which allows Twitter users to listen to and participate in public audio conversations, entered the beta test shortly after its launch and $100 million valuation of the Clubhouse app – which similarly provides an audio chat room experience. As Clubhouse’s user base continues to grow and marketers there begin to experiment, many brands with solid Twitter followers are also starting to pay more attention to Spaces’ brand capabilities.

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Clubhouse is finally available on Android

After an earlier private beta last week, Clubhouse today announced it would make its debut on Android following an earlier announcement this year. The app had taken off in the heyday of the pandemic and had spawned many followers, but had neglected the Android market for a while. There are a few caveats. This is still a beta, it’s still invitation-only and you have to be in the US to use it (although an expansion to other English-speaking markets has been promised.) Writing on the Clubhouse blog, the team said: Our plan for the coming weeks is to gather community feedback, resolve any issues we see and work to add a few final features, such as payments and club creation, before rolling it out more widely. […] As part of the effort to keep growth measured, we will continue the waiting list and invitation system so that every new member of the community can bring some good friends.

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Twitter reportedly considered acquiring Clubhouse for $4 billion.

After clubhouse’s huge success, companies like Twitter and Facebook have started working on their own live audio chat platforms. Interestingly, it seems Twitter has already considered taking over Clubhouse for as much as $4 billion – although the plan hasn’t come out as expected. As Bloomberg reported today, Clubhouse is in talks to raise funds from investors. However, one of the companies that negotiated with Clubhouse is none other than Twitter. The report says both companies have held talks “in recent months,” according to the sources.

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