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Microsoft Teams chat bubbles

Microsoft Teams gets chat balloons, paging support on Windows 10, macOS

When Microsoft Teams was originally announced, it was positioned as a workplace collaboration tool to compete with platforms like Slack. Today, Microsoft Teams has evolved into a place where you can communicate like on Discord, WhatsApp, and the company hopes the platform can be optimized for consumers as well. In the latest effort to improve Teams’ chat experience, Microsoft is introducing a new feature called “chat bubbles” – a feature that will be familiar to Messenger or WhatsApp users. When you receive a new message on your mobile, a chat balloon (a floating notification alert) appears on the screen and it stays informed of everything else you do on the screen for a few seconds. Microsoft is trying to recreate that experience on Windows 10 and macOS by enabling support for new chat bubbles in Teams.

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FaceTime coming to Windows and Android

Apple held its annual WWDC conference this week, and many Windows fans and users watched Microsoft’s competitor down the aisle. While the biggest news is iOS 15, iPadOS15 and macOS Monterey, there were several other announcements from Apple. The one that affects Windows users the most is the fact that FaceTime is no longer exclusive to Apple hardware. After years of standing behind Apple’s walled garden, FaceTime will find its way to Windows and Android via the web. Some features remain exclusive to iPads, iPhones, and Macs, but the ability to use FaceTime on non-Apple company hardware comes first. After the announcement, I saw a mishmash of comments on the internet. Some were excited to be able to use the service on Windows and Android devices, while others didn’t care at all. This comes down to a few factors, the biggest of which may be geography.

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twitter-spaces-vs-clubhouse audio.jpg

What is Twitter Spaces? [+ Why marketers should be worried]

In recent months, Twitter has experimented with a new feature called Twitter Spaces. And now the much talked about feature is finally available to all account holders with over 600 followers. Spaces, which allows Twitter users to listen to and participate in public audio conversations, entered the beta test shortly after its launch and $100 million valuation of the Clubhouse app – which similarly provides an audio chat room experience. As Clubhouse’s user base continues to grow and marketers there begin to experiment, many brands with solid Twitter followers are also starting to pay more attention to Spaces’ brand capabilities.

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clubhouse android

Clubhouse is finally available on Android

After an earlier private beta last week, Clubhouse today announced it would make its debut on Android following an earlier announcement this year. The app had taken off in the heyday of the pandemic and had spawned many followers, but had neglected the Android market for a while. There are a few caveats. This is still a beta, it’s still invitation-only and you have to be in the US to use it (although an expansion to other English-speaking markets has been promised.) Writing on the Clubhouse blog, the team said: Our plan for the coming weeks is to gather community feedback, resolve any issues we see and work to add a few final features, such as payments and club creation, before rolling it out more widely. […] As part of the effort to keep growth measured, we will continue the waiting list and invitation system so that every new member of the community can bring some good friends.

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Facebook workplace

Facebook’s Workplace gets “Plugins,” new app integrations.

With the company putting the number of paid Workplace users at 7 million, one analyst sees Facebook’s growing focus on integration as important for continued acceptance by the company. Facebook announced a handful of updates to its social network Workplace this week, including new video features and improved integrations with third-party applications. Among the features unveiled Tuesday are updates to a Live Q&A feature that was rolled out last year. A presenter can now click on a question and get details about the person who asked them, making it easier to make a comment more personal. By clicking on the question, the presenter can also place it in the middle of the screen for hosts and the audience. (Employees will soon also be able to record the pronunciation of their name, preventing incorrect statements during video Q & A’s.

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Should I use TikTok for business marketing?

It’s easy to assume that the only way to use TikTok for business marketing is to follow the latest dance trend, but there’s actually more to TikTok than seems at first glance. It is undeniably a place where brands with a younger audience can thrive. Since 62% of TikTok users are between 10 and 29 years old, you may be wondering if it’s worth bringing your business to TikTok. The good news is that the average TikTok user is getting older by the day. According to Oberlo, the number of American adult TikTok users has increased by 5.5 times in less than 18 months.

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Twitter reportedly considered acquiring Clubhouse for $4 billion.

After clubhouse’s huge success, companies like Twitter and Facebook have started working on their own live audio chat platforms. Interestingly, it seems Twitter has already considered taking over Clubhouse for as much as $4 billion – although the plan hasn’t come out as expected. As Bloomberg reported today, Clubhouse is in talks to raise funds from investors. However, one of the companies that negotiated with Clubhouse is none other than Twitter. The report says both companies have held talks “in recent months,” according to the sources.

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