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Microsoft Teams must copy Slack’s new message scheduling option

Yesterday Slack announced a new option that lets you schedule messages (via The Verge). This feature allows people to schedule messages in chat rooms, as direct messages, or in group discussions. People can schedule messages on slack’s iOS, Android, and desktop versions. Because many people work remotely, the schedules don’t always match. For example, our news editor, Rob Carnevale, and I work in different time zones. I usually sign out around 7pm in England, and he stays on for several hours because he’s based in the United States. Carnevale often leaves messages for “future Sean” with the intention of seeing them when I sign up in the morning. This works fine in some cases, but is a tricky solution. Being able to schedule messages for any time in the future opens up new possibilities.

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Slack Connect vs Microsoft Teams Connect: Is this better than email?

The two rival platforms want to bring internal corporate communications outside the office. Business communication is a hotly contested market with a whole range of different services that your organization can use for internal messaging. Two companies that always seem to be at odds in this space, Slack and Microsoft Teams, want to go one step further. They want companies to talk to other companies from their platform, rather than using emails. Slack is a communication platform that, at its most basic, provides internal instant messaging and document sharing services to businesses. Managers and employees create and use different ‘channels’ to talk to each other and these channels help to distinguish departments or workflows depending on the preference of the organization. Microsoft Teams is also a communication platform, but it puts more emphasis on video conferencing and comes with Office 365 integration. It looks and feels very much like Slack, as it also uses ‘channels’ for collaboration. The two are fierce rivals, but currently seem to have the same goal: to make email redundant.

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