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What kind of data do apps collect

52% of apps share your data – Check out the biggest offenders.

Your personal data is one of the most valuable possessions you have. Give away too much information, and someone could use it to steal your identity. Most of us are aware of the pitfalls and take steps to prevent abuse. But sometimes your information can be leaked or collected in a way you don’t know. Have you ever taken the time to read the terms and conditions of an online service like Facebook? Tap or click here for the eight apps you need to remove from your phone now. You may be surprised to learn that many apps share your data with other third parties. Do you know which apps share your data the most? We’re going to tell you.

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78% of Microsoft 365 administrators do not activate MFA

78% of Microsoft 365 administrators do not activate MFA.

Microsoft 365 administrators fail to implement basic security such as MFA. The survey survey found that approximately 78% of Microsoft 365 administrators did not activate multi-factor authentication (MFA). According to SANS, 99% of data breaches can be prevented with MFA. This is a huge security risk, especially at a time when so many employees are working remotely.

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European Cloud Federation

The Netherlands participates in european cloud federation.

The Netherlands is participating in the new initiative for a European Cloud Federation. This is reported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The importance of both sufficient storage and a safe and reliable exchange of data for social and economic applications is increasing, according to the Ministry. That is why the Netherlands is taking part in an initiative of the European Commission to jointly strengthen the European cloud infrastructure: the European Cloud Federation. The cooperation agreement was signed today by EU ministers, including State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate), at the informal Telecom Council.

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microsoft-office365 phishing attack

Microsoft Office 365 will be at the core of many businesses. And hackers have noticed.

As Microsoft’s Office 365 usage grows – including services such as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and more – the sheer amount of data stored in the cloud appears to be a tempting target for some of the world’s most advanced hacking operations, according to cybersecurity researchers at FireEye Mandiant. “The amount of data in Office 365 is just huge, and attackers are clearly interested in data. But they now also have access to that data from virtually anywhere in the world,” Doug Bientock, chief counsel at Mandiant, told ZDNet ahead of the investigation. presented at the virtual security conference Black Hat USA.

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Microsoft 365 Security: The essentials you need to know.

Using Microsoft 365 means that a large percentage of your business data, from emails to spreadsheets, is hosted in the Microsoft cloud. The Microsoft cloud platform is incredibly secure in itself, but it’s up to YOU to manage your own environment in that cloud! Here’s the good news: The Microsoft 365 platform has numerous built-in security features that, if configured and maintained correctly, can protect your business from cyber thieves. Let’s look at the controls you need to deploy in your Microsoft 365 platform.

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Security Researchers: Hackers can bypass Multi-factor Authentication for Microsoft 365.

Security researchers have discovered critical vulnerabilities that allow attackers to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Microsoft 365. According to security researchers at Proofpoint, vulnerabilities in MFA deployment compromise users’ security and privacy while interacting with cloud-based services. Attackers may be able to gain full access to their victim’s account information, including emails, files, and contacts.

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Office 365 phishing scam uses Google Ad domains to bypass security

Google Ad Services redirection allows this phishing campaign to bypass secure email gateways. Researchers at the Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) have discovered a new phishing campaign that attempts to steal the credentials of Office 365 users by tricking them into accepting a new terms of use and privacy policy. This campaign has been observed across multiple organizations and uses a number of advanced techniques, including a Google Ad Services redirect, to try to steal employees’ credentials.

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Modern Workplace

What is a Modern Workplace?

A Modern Workplace ensures that employees get the best out of themselves, work together in a safe way, and are flexible in the choice of devices and apps. This doesn’t make them work harder, but smarter. However, the modern workplace, with an important cloud component, also creates a number of new security & compliancy challenges. Business information needs to be monitored and protected everywhere when employees use mobile devices to access the network and sensitive company data. A Modern Workplace is a prerequisite for staying relevant in a dynamic and competitive market.

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