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Sign in to Microsoft Teams with multiple accounts.

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork, it integrates amazingly everything a team needs to be productive. Chats, calls, meetings, thread calls, video conferencing, content collaboration, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows – all designed to improve employee productivity in a unified suite of tools. But there’s one problem with Microsoft Teams: Some professionals find that they end up on multiple Teams accounts over time. You could have an account that you used with your own team, along with someone else with your customers, and another with your partners. What should you do now if you work for multiple organizations or if you just want to add multiple accounts to Teams? From now on, Microsoft Teams doesn’t support multi-account sign-in, and if you need to use Microsoft Teams with multiple accounts, you’re likely to end up in a non-productive situation. This is because you can’t check multiple accounts or switch through them, you need to sign out and sign back in to your accounts. But don’t worry. Until Microsoft adds support for multiple accounts to Microsoft Teams for desktop, here are some workarounds that let you use multiple accounts in Teams.

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Microsoft Forms

Get the answers you need with Microsoft Forms.

Any company would want them to be able to read their customers’ minds – doesn’t that just solve everything? You never have to wonder what your next product, service or strategic goals are. Your business would never struggle to be profitable and always deliver exactly what your customers need when they need it. Your overheads would be minimal because you would essentially have a picture of the immediate future. Because that’s virtually impossible, companies go to the following: just ask questions. The easiest way is to use a survey or a form creation tool, and the big advantage of these tools is the flexibility in use. Forms can collect information from customers, but they also serve so many other purposes. Each time you need information, you can ask the question in digital form to collect an answer or multiple answers. What can Microsoft Forms do for you? Microsoft Forms is often overlooked as a data collection tool, compared to Survey Monkey or Google Forms, but as part of Microsoft 365 it is readily available and packed with features.

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Differences between team in Microsoft Teams.gif

Microsoft Teams Private Teams can no longer be found in search or directory.

In Microsoft Teams, there are three types of teams: public and private, and entire organization.

Public: Means that anyone in the organization (tenant) can enter the team at any time without permission. Private and Whole Organization.

Private: Means that team owners must admit new members.

Whole organization: What’s special about this type of team is that they automatically add everyone in the organization to be part of a single team for collaboration.

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Hoe u het meeste uit Microsoft Teams kunt halen

How to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

If you’re like most people, use your office chat applications only for simple, everyday use – to ask someone a question or contact colleagues. But wouldn’t it be great if you could do more things at once in these apps, like completing tasks and chatting with colleagues all in one window? You may have heard of the robust features of Microsoft Teams to achieve this, but how do you get the most out of the program? The convenience of chat apps allowed employees to spend less time chatting with colleagues and more time performing their tasks. In addition, work-related software is becoming increasingly mobile and user-friendly, with apps like Microsoft Teams bringing different platforms together. Here’s how to use that to your advantage.

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Set Microsoft Teams expensive for presence status

Microsoft Teams will soon allow users to set a duration for their presence status.

At Ignite 2020, Microsoft has announced that it is working on improvements to the online presence feature in Microsoft Teams. As part of this change, the company released a new Offline Status option last month, and it is now introducing another feature called “Presence Status Duration.” The new status duration option in the presence menu allows users to set a certain state for a specific period of time. For example, they can set their status settings to “Do Not Disturb” for 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, or all day, or all week.

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Microsoft Teams Meetings lobby options

New setting for Microsoft Teams meetings ‘Only the organizer can bypass the lobby’

This is actually not such a new feature in Microsoft Meetings, but certainly a very welcome feature to have a detailed control over who can bypass the lobby of a Microsoft Teams meeting. We can set this setting for a particular meeting by editing the meeting options after it is scheduled. Or we can even set this option as the default option for all people in our organization or specific people by changing the global meeting policy or creating a new policy.

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pin posts in Teams channels

Microsoft Teams allows users to pin messages in channels later this month.

Microsoft Teams is beginning to receive a “pinned messages” feature that allows users to pin important announcements and messages at the top of a channel. Mike Tholfsen, product manager of the Microsoft EDU team, announced on Twitter that the feature will be available to all users worldwide starting this week. In September, Microsoft updated its Teams roadmap with plans to include this new feature in Teams. This feature allows users to pin every message or reply at the top of the channel window so that it appears in the channel information panel so that all participants can see it. To verify that the feature is active, hover over a message in a channel and click the three-dot menu (…). Finally, select the “Pin” option from the list, and then click the “Pin” button when prompted.

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Get your people on board with Microsoft Teams

Get your people on board with Microsoft Teams.

It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams has proven itself to be a major driver of digital transformation, enabling employees of any size company to collaborate on projects and share ideas, as well as communicate through instant messaging, video collaboration, and voice calls. But while many progressive organizations are jumping on board the digital transformation train to meet the challenges of our dynamic global economy, the whole process can quickly turn sour if employees don’t apply the new technology.

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