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Project Management Team

Microsoft Teams project management apps.

Microsoft Teams is a unique collaborative platform that allows you to share your knowledge, collaborate on different projects, and collaborate effectively across the organization. What we especially love is the ability to integrate third-party apps that can streamline your work processes and improve your Teams experience. Check out the most popular Microsoft Teams project management apps in a row here.

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use_multiple_accounts_in_micrsoft_teams_at_once featured_image.png

Connect two (or more) accounts to Microsoft Teams Connect.

This year, Microsoft announced Microsoft Teams Connect at Microsoft Ignite. Teams Connect simplifies collaboration with people inside and outside your organization by enabling shared channel-like functionality. To best understand what Teams Connect is and how to take advantage of it, it’s important to understand the internal workings of Microsoft Teams first.

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create breakout-rooms-in-microsoft-teams

How do I create Breakout Rooms in Teams?

The Breakout Rooms feature in Microsoft Teams can be used to split a large meeting into smaller groups. Below are the steps to create Breakout Rooms and assign people to spaces in Microsoft Teams. As you must have experienced, dividing a large group of people into smaller relevant groups leads to more targeted discussions and better use of resources. The same concept can be expanded in virtual meetings by using the “Breakout Rooms” feature available in Microsoft Teams.

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google keep, OneNote & Evernote

How do I create a OneNote template and what are the differences with Evernote, Apple notes, and Google Keep.

How do I create a OneNote template? Create or open the page you want to use as a page template. In the right pane, click the down arrow next to New Page, and then click Page Templates. At the bottom of the Templates panel, click Save Current Page as Template. Type a name for the page template, and then click Save. Does OneNote have a to-do list? Creating checklists is a built-in capability of OneNote that you can use for all kinds of different things. Perhaps the most obvious use is a to-do list, and in fact, the check box in OneNote is called a to-do list. A check box appears next to the text. Click in the box to add or remove the check mark.

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Share teams invitation

With Microsoft Teams, users can now easily share meeting invitations.

Microsoft Teams is introducing a new update that makes it easy for users to share meeting invitations with their colleagues. Twitter user Shawn Harry first saw the feature and it is now available in Teams’ Windows and macOS desktop apps and on the internet. Prior to this update, the organizers had to create a calendar item by filling in all the details to get the Meet Now link for an ad hoc Teams meeting. Indeed, this was not a smooth workflow for people who want to quickly copy a meeting link and distribute it through Teams channels or chats.

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How do I find the Microsoft Teams recording location?

Microsoft Teams has a built-in recording feature for recording audio or video calls. The feature is available regardless of the type of meeting you have. As soon as the meeting is completed or stopped, the recording is shared through the channel on which the meeting took place. This recording can then be downloaded by anyone who is part of the channel. Because it’s available within the channel, team members don’t have to look for it. Microsoft Teams uploads it online to make the recording available to all members. If you can’t find the recording for a team in a channel between the messy conversations, you can download it from outside Of Microsoft Teams.

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Take charge of your Microsoft Teams activity feed with filtering.

If your company uses Microsoft Teams, you’re likely to be part of a large number of teams and channels within the application. Using teams and browsing your Microsoft Teams activity feed undoubtedly feels overwhelming, and it can be difficult and even time consuming to confuse all the posts, @ mentions, comments, and other announcements you receive every day. If you can’t find your notifications, it becomes much harder to prioritize and perform tasks. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify tracking your Microsoft Teams activity feed. One of the best ways is to filter your notifications.

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You can now turn off chat during Microsoft Teams meetings.

Thousands of people asked for Microsoft Teams to be able to turn off chats within meetings. Microsoft has responded and rolled out the feature to Teams. Now people can turn chat on or off by meeting. A Microsoft technician explains the feature in a Teams feedback forum. “Allow the meeting organizer to temporarily disable the chat during a meeting,” the original feedback asked. Adding: “We often have people who are so focused on the chat that they don’t pay attention to the actual meeting. We would like to be able to turn off the chat at the beginning of the meeting and then turn it back on to an appropriate point. “

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breakout teams

A short guide to using breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams.

Breakout Rooms have become increasingly popular over the past 5 years, but they are a fundamental challenge: the more participants participate, the more difficult efficient communication can be. Microsoft Teams has a shiny new addition to solve this problem; breakout rooms. This convenient feature allows users to create more meaningful online communication by letting organizers split virtual meetings into subgroups known as brainstorming rooms. Brainstorming rooms appear in the right pane of The Teams Organizer View, where the participants’ names and groups are listed. Each Microsoft Teams meeting can contain up to 50 brainstorming rooms, with different configuration options. Organizers can create brainstorming rooms by simply clicking an icon in a Teams meeting. After a short initial installation, you can then choose the number of groups and whether you want to manually or automatically assign participants.

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