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clubhouse android

Clubhouse is finally available on Android

After an earlier private beta last week, Clubhouse today announced it would make its debut on Android following an earlier announcement this year. The app had taken off in the heyday of the pandemic and had spawned many followers, but had neglected the Android market for a while. There are a few caveats. This is still a beta, it’s still invitation-only and you have to be in the US to use it (although an expansion to other English-speaking markets has been promised.) Writing on the Clubhouse blog, the team said: Our plan for the coming weeks is to gather community feedback, resolve any issues we see and work to add a few final features, such as payments and club creation, before rolling it out more widely. […] As part of the effort to keep growth measured, we will continue the waiting list and invitation system so that every new member of the community can bring some good friends.

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Facebook workplace

Facebook’s Workplace gets “Plugins,” new app integrations.

With the company putting the number of paid Workplace users at 7 million, one analyst sees Facebook’s growing focus on integration as important for continued acceptance by the company. Facebook announced a handful of updates to its social network Workplace this week, including new video features and improved integrations with third-party applications. Among the features unveiled Tuesday are updates to a Live Q&A feature that was rolled out last year. A presenter can now click on a question and get details about the person who asked them, making it easier to make a comment more personal. By clicking on the question, the presenter can also place it in the middle of the screen for hosts and the audience. (Employees will soon also be able to record the pronunciation of their name, preventing incorrect statements during video Q & A’s.

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Top 3 videoconferencing systems for education

Top 3 videoconferencing systems for education.

Video delivered over the internet has become increasingly popular in recent years for a range of applications – from businesses to education and leisure. The COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced this. But even though the world is working to get back to normal, videoconferencing is there to stay. Why? Because video conferencing is a big part of the new normal and offers fantastic benefits for all kinds of people and institutions. Videoconferencing began to be used in education as soon as the technology was available. Here are just a few examples of how videoconferencing solves problems and meets educational needs.

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Microsoft Teams is introducing a new reading feature to help students during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, Microsoft proactively worked to ensure that student education is not affected and that learning opportunities are maximized. This ranged from providing vouchers for certification exams to optimizing Microsoft Teams as the go-to platform for all respective educational purposes. Microsoft has taken another step to make online education more immersive by introducing “Reading Progress,” which is designed for students to improve their reading skills. Through Reading Progress, teachers can assess their students’ fluency in reading while reading, and even determine accuracy rates, wrong pronunciations, and more.

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Cast Microsoft Team Room

You can now cast to a Microsoft Teams room from your mobile.

Microsoft has added several new features to its Teams platform in recent months. The company has now come up with a new feature that lets you cast to a Teams Room device from the Teams app on an iOS or Android device. As first noticed by a Twitter user and later confirmed on Microsoft’s support site, Microsoft added the ability to cast to a Teams Room device from the Teams app on both iOS and Android devices. This feature seems to be rolling out gradually, meaning you may or may not see it on your phone right away.

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Teams Profile Menu Current and New

Microsoft updates the Profile menu in Microsoft Teams to make it easier to switch accounts.

Microsoft has announced that they will soon roll out an update to the Profile menu in Microsoft Teams. The change was originally announced in December 2020, but the rollout was initially delayed. ON May 4, Microsoft announced that it is now ready to move forward. Access to Settings, Zoom Control, Keyboard Shortcuts, Info, and Check for Updates is moved from the Me menu to a new menu in the title bar. The I menu will focus on account management, where users can switch to another account or tenant through the first level of the I menu.

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