ALTA-ICT helps your business grow through IT advice, implementation of cloud IT solutions and support. We are your partner to get the most out of your organization. ALTA-ICT has the knowledge and certificates to advise, implement and support Microsoft solutions.⚡

  • Office 365 Management

    – Outsource your Office 365 management to ALTA-ICT specialists. We’re happy to help you with all your Office 365 questions!

  • Office 365 Backup & Restore – We offer you the ability to protect and restore critical content that doesn’t fully deliver Microsoft’s near-perfect coverage.

  • SharePoint & Office 365 Migration – Simplify your migration to Office 365 or the latest SharePoint version with ALTA-ICT.

  • Cookiebanner AVG – Have you arranged all cookies and trackers on your website in accordance with the GDPR? Request a free website GDPR compliance analysis from us.

  • SEO services – Technical SEO services, Search engine optimization needed? We make your website faster and findable on google.

  • Web design – Have your website made and your worries taken away? Then ALTA-ICT is good!


“The Cookie banner from ALTA-ICT is a smart tool 🔍 to control everything around cookies on your website, in accordance with the current cookie law and the new GDPR and ePrivacy regulations. An attractive (and customizable) cookie banner required, avg cookie notification with avg cookie consent, powerful cookie scan engine, consent log, reports and cookie statement avg proof. The operation is 100 automated. To ask permission corform AVG, we have the solution for you!”

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“ALTA-ICT is an expert in Microsoft Office 365 and takes care of the implementation, management, migration and backup of the latest cloud solutions. We make sure that new people get started quickly, have the necessary apps, set permissions, optimize your Office 365 environment. We make sure your Office 365 environment stays safe. In accordance with the GDPR, we have a compliance policy in place. ✅”


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Scalability in theCloud.

According to 52 of the IT decision-makers, the great scalability of the hybrid cloud is the biggest advantage. This flexibility makes it easier to respond to peaks and troughs in demand for capacity.

This is shown by research by SPS, developer of IT management software Gensys, among 145 IT decision makers. The hybrid cloud is a form of the cloud that combines cloud-based elements with IT systems that are physically on location at a company. For example, this allows companies to migrate less critical applications to the cloud, while keeping mission-critical applications and business data in-house. ALTA-ICT is your partner for the implementation and support of the latest cloud solutions